A Taste of African Heritage

A Taste of African Heritage Fuses Nutrition and Tradition

The African American community is disproportionately plagued by chronic conditions ranging from heart disease and high blood pressure to diabetes. But a Boston-based program is out […]


Here’s the Problem with “Healthy” Junk Foods

A couple weeks ago, Frito-Lay made headlines for its new Simply line, which boasts organic versions of classic snacks such as Doritos, Ruffles, and Cheetos. […]

Inspired Start

This Startup Wants to Help Babies Avoid Food Allergies

Jessica Deckinger got lucky. When her oldest child developed peanut and tree nut allergies, Deckinger sprang into action, learning all she could about keeping her […]


Treat Yourself with These 11 Healthy Baked Doughnut Recipes

Let’s be honest: Bakery doughnuts are basically glorified pieces of cake. But these homemade baked doughnuts recipes actually make for easy (and delicious) on-the-go breakfasts—minus […]

Kale Caesar

Five Healthy Dinner Recipes You Can Make in 25 Minutes

In our constantly over-scheduled and over-stimulated lives, food often becomes an afterthought. We eat breakfast on our way out the door, scarf down lunch at […]

Fresh Truck

Fresh Truck Now Carries Even More Healthy Food

After four years of cruising Boston’s streets, Fresh Truck got a facelift. The mobile market on wheels, which brings healthy, affordable food to people all over […]


10 Healthy Latte Recipes to Make This Fall

No matter how you feel about PSLs, it’s hard to resist the allure of an indulgent beverage on a crisp autumn day. To get you […]


Life Alive Will Bring Healthy Eats to the Boston University Area

The Boston University area will soon enjoy a much-needed infusion of healthy eats. The popular vegetarian restaurant Life Alive, which already has locations in Cambridge, […]


Ask the Expert: Can I Eat Dessert Every Day?

Welcome to our Ask the Expert series, in which our panel of health experts answers your wellness questions. Here, registered dietitian Matt Priven unravels your sweet tooth. […]


Five Easy Ways to Eat a Plant-Based Diet

A recent study published in Climactic Change presents a pretty shocking theory: one crucial dietary swap could almost single-handedly help the United States reach its greenhouse gas […]


Five Fermented Food Recipes for Good Gut Health

Having tummy troubles? Try incorporating more fermented foods into your diet. Fermented foods are packed with probiotics, which are thought to introduce good bacteria to […]


A New Juice Bar Is Taking Over the Harvest Co-op Space in JP

A post shared by Juicygreens (@juicygreensboston) on Jul 22, 2017 at 5:43am PDT Boston has absolutely no shortage of juice bars—quite the opposite, if anything. […]


Three Summery Cocktail Recipes That Use Fresh Juice

Boston is enjoying artisanal cocktail mania these days, which means you don’t have to look far to find beverages that skew fresh and funky, rather […]

Greek salad

Recipe: An Easy, No-Cook Greek Chickpea Salad

Getting bored with your go-to summer salads? Spending way too much money at Sweetgreen, Dig Inn, and other healthy lunch spots around the city? Try […]


In Boston, School Lunch Is About to Get a Lot Healthier

    Forget chicken nuggets and fish sticks. Starting in September, Boston Public Schools (BPS) students will be eating school lunches, reimagined. During a time […]