heart health

New Harvard School of Public Health Study Links Push-Ups and Heart Health

Ever heard the phrase drop and give me 20? Well, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, 40 is actually the magic […]

The running back dives for the first down with the defender on his back.

The NFL Will Give Boston Children’s Hospital $14.7 Million for Concussion Research

America’s game is a violent one—filled with hard hits and aggressive action. It’s what makes the sport of football exciting and exhilarating, and is why hundreds of thousands […]

Health clubs and personal trainers

Physicians Hesitate to Recommend Health Clubs and Personal Trainers, According to a New Study

Adults 18-64 years old need at least two hours and 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per week in conjunction with two days of muscle-strengthening activities, according to the Centers […]


New Study Shows Lack of Sleep in Teens Is Associated with Risky Behavior

Sleep is so very important—this is not news. But for the majority of us, getting enough of it is hard. The consequences of not getting enough […]

egg freezing

Ask the Expert: Should I Consider Freezing My Eggs?

Welcome to our Ask the Expert series, in which local health and fitness experts answer your wellness questions. Here, Dr. Janis Fox weighs the pros and […]

person eating bread

Brigham and Women’s Researchers Find Moderate Carb Intake Is Best

Low carb-focused diets like keto, paleo, and the Atkins, all promising rapid weight loss, are still favored among trendy diets, while carbs continue to be enemy number one. […]


Social Media Image Filters Are Giving People Body Dysmorphia

There’s no denying the large role social media plays in our lives now. We use it to connect, socialize, tell stories, and market products and […]

elderly working out

A Study from Tufts University Shows the Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

Quick fixes on aging are all the rage right now—get botox here, laser hair removal there, and don’t forget to drink your collagen in your […]


Massachusetts Adults Rank Above the National Average When It Comes to Exercise

Kudos to you, Massachusetts. Whether you’re an avid spin-goer, you frequent the weight room, or you’re a pavement pounder along the Esplanade—you are helping the state […]

waking up

New Study Shows We May Not Be Aware of Decreased Cognitive Abilities Due to Poor Sleep

We’ve all been there—sleep-deprived and barely functioning while double fisting extra large caramel mocha iced coffees from the Dunkin’s down the street. Even though we […]

Young american football player running back breaking away from an attempted tackle. All logos and trademarks from uniforms, helmets and cleats have been removed in Photoshop

Younger Tackle Football Players Are Likely to Experience CTE Symptoms at an Earlier Age

The younger an athlete is when he starts playing tackle football, the earlier he’ll experience symptoms of cognitive and behavioral impairment, a new study from […]

The running back dives for the first down with the defender on his back.

BU Researchers Find CTE Can Be Caused By Even Minor Head Injuries

Just four NFL teams are left vying for this season’s Super Bowl, but as the league approaches one of its biggest weekends of the year, […]

The Pfizer logo on a building

What Pfizer’s Decision to Stop Looking for New Alzheimer’s Drugs Means for Research

The drug giant Pfizer announced Saturday it would end its search for new drugs to treat Alzheimer’s disease, but the decision may not derail researchers […]

A doctor at the end of a hospital corridor with a hospital bed in the foreground

People Hospitalized for Opioid-Related Conditions Are Dying at Higher Rates

The mortality rate among people hospitalized for opioid-related conditions has quadrupled since 2000, according to a new study. Harvard Medical School researchers, whose work was […]

MIT professor Regina Barzilay (center) with Mass General collaborators Manisha Bahl and Constance Lehman / Photo provided

New Machine Learning Model Could Accurately Detect Breast Cancer

Harnessing the power of machine learning, Boston researchers hope to change breast cancer detection techniques for the better. Scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and MIT’s […]