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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Grew Heart Tissue on a Spinach Leaf

Spinach isn’t merely a heart-healthy veggie. A team of researchers just demonstrated that the green may even be able to grow a heart. In a paper published […]

male infertility test

A New Smartphone Device Can Measure Your Sperm Quality

A staggering number of couples struggle to conceive. And although it takes two to tango—and more than 40 percent of infertility issues can be traced […]


Gluten-Free Diets May Raise Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Says

Raise a toast: It may be time to cast off the shackles of gluten-free diets once and for all. Research from the Harvard T.H. Chan […]


A BU Professor’s Bionic Pancreas Could Change Diabetes Treatment

A bionic pancreas invented by a Boston University professor may make insulin shots a thing of the past. Ed Damiano, a professor of engineering and […]

Down Under School of Yoga

Yoga May Ease Depression, According to a New Study

Is there any ailment yoga can’t treat? In addition to its physical benefits, research has shown that yoga may improve mood, bust stress, and even […]


Study: Red Hair Linked to Melanoma, Parkinson’s Disease

Gingers just can’t catch a break. Back in 2012, Massachusetts General Hospital researchers found that redheads’ pigment may be linked to melanoma. Now, the hospital has […]


Acupuncture Actually Works, According to MGH Research

As alternative therapies go, acupuncture is among the most clinically accepted. Nonetheless, there’s still quite a bit about the ancient practice that researchers don’t understand. […]


This Is How Food Pricing Affects What You Eat

Consumers would be more likely to buy healthy food if it cost less. That’s stating the obvious. But to what extent do food prices influence […]


Getting Lots of Sleep May Not Be a Good Thing, Study Says

Sleeping for nine hours a night probably sounds like, well, a dream. But a recent study from the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) says […]


BU Researchers May Have Found a Simple Way to Diagnose Lung Cancer

A research development from the Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) could someday revolutionize the way we diagnose lung cancer. In a study published Monday […]


Joslin Diabetes Center Is Studying the Link Between Gut Bacteria and Diabetes

When it comes to advancing diabetes research, sometimes you’ve got to go with your gut. That’s what Aleksandar Kostic, a researcher at Joslin Diabetes Center, […]


Local Researchers May Have Found a Way to Treat Hearing Loss

A local research breakthrough may be music to the ears of millions of patients worldwide. A team of scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), […]


This Is How Massachusetts Burns Its Calories, According to Twitter

Time and time again, Massachusetts is praised for being a healthy state—but does our behavior match that title? According to a study out of the […]


Vitamin D May Keep You from Getting Sick, Study Says

Orange juice and Emergen-C may not be your only defenses against cold and flu season. A new study from Massachusetts General Hospital says vitamin D […]

Community Servings

A New Study Is Out to Prove That Food Can Be Medicine

A new study hopes to prove what Hippocrates said all those centuries ago: “Let food be thy medicine.” Community Servings, a 27-year-old nonprofit that delivers […]