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The Case of the Fever That Wouldn’t Go Away

Werner was sure he was coming down with the flu. The 73-year-old retiree, who lived with his girlfriend in a five-unit Harvard Square building, first […]


The Case of the Curious Clicking Noise

It all started with an itch. Five years ago, Maryjane was cruising along the road with her windows down after a day of swimming at […]


The Case of the Patient Who Couldn’t Remember

When Neel Madan’s wife came home from the hospital after giving birth to a baby girl and developed a splitting headache, he took her to […]

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The Case of the Invisible, Painless Lump

Alex was living the dream. He’d just returned from a relaxing honeymoon in the Caribbean and was settling down on a small farm in southern […]

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The Case of the Unexplained Limp

Matt was on a health kick. The Duxbury resident was working out four to five times a week—mainly long-distance runs and workout videos at home—when […]


The Case of the Restless Sleeper

Looking back, the signs had been there for years. The unexplained neck pains. The backaches. Waking up on the floor of his bedroom, wondering how […]


The Case of the Heart That Wouldn’t Tick Right

In nursing school, you get used to playing the patient while other students take your blood pressure and check your heart rate. When Elisabeth’s classmate […]


The Case of the Unstoppable Itch

Leslie was visiting her daughter and son-in-law in March 2017 when it started: an intense itching sensation all over her body that couldn’t be quelled. […]

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The Case of the Mysterious Buzzing Body

It usually happened in the dead of night: heart pounding, feelings of detachment, and a strange buzzing sensation, as if a tuning fork had been […]


Ask the Expert: Dr. Jeannie Chung

Dr. Jeannie Chung started her career as a neck and face plastic surgeon at two dermatology practices in the Boston area in 2005. After gaining […]


12 Boston Doctors Open Up About Life and Loss on the Front Lines

WHAT IT’S LIKE… When You Can’t Save a Life Mohamed Akoad, Transplant Surgeon Lahey Hospital & Medical Center It always worries me when patients start […]


Top Doctors 2019

Edited by Brittany Jasnoff Top Doctors 2019: The List Including 1,685 physicians in 66 specialties. Doctors Tell All What’s it really like to give a patient a new […]


Top Doctors 2017

Eleven medical breakthroughs that could change the world—and save your life. Plus, our annual list of Boston’s top doctors.


Do You Believe in Miracles?

These Boston doctors do. From creating a cancer vaccine to stopping the spread of AIDS, they’re on a mission to save mankind—one medical moon shot at a time.


The End of Alzheimer’s?

MIT neuroscientist Li-Huei Tsai is hoping to vanquish the disease with simple LEDs.