Home Design

Return to Grace

Photographs by Eric Roth, styling by Stephanie Rossie IN 1814, WEALTHY SALEM BUSINESSMAN Benjamin Pickman transformed a modest 18th-century Lancaster farmhouse into an exquisite showpiece […]

Culinary Vision: Kitchen of the Future

Smart Moves: Innovative products and appliances hand-selected by the energy-efficiency experts at Next Step Living served as the jumping-off point for Leng’s design. LED Cove […]


Paint it Black (with Chalkboard Paint)

This week, I made my biggest (and let’s be honest: first real) design decision ever: I painted an entire wall in my home black. Black […]


Hot Stock Tips for Home Design

Lately, people have been saying to me, “Rachel, with the stock market acting like a runaway 3-year old with a bad caffeine habit, I’m having […]

The Slade Index

What’s hot and not in home furnishing.

Portion Control

  1 Clear-Cut  Because Falla loves entertaining, the perfect dining table was a must. Her custom 40-inch round glass tabletop from Precision Glass Company fits […]

A Portrait of the Artist

“LOOK FOR THE PINK BEAR,” artist Ken Beck advises cryptically. As I wander down the long, creaky hallways of the Piano Craft Guild apartment building […]


ARCHITECT, DESIGNER, AND PROFESSOR Neri Oxman is obsessed with anything in nature, but for the moment she’s talking bones. She marvels at how the structure […]

Hot Spot

 Photograph by Michael Casey 1 Custom “brancheliers” by Deanna Wish, made from hickory boughs, are dramatic without being overpowering. “We needed something absolutely unique up […]

Double Take

AMY AND ETHAN D’ABLEMONT BURNES HAVE a giant peace sign drawn on their dining room wall. It carries signatures, doodles, and well wishes from everyone […]

Spout Off

Alien Encounters: Pipe Dreams by Magis, $63, Emmo Home. It may look otherworldly, but this vessel was actually designed for human hands. Old-World Charm: $60, Nest. The weathered elegance […]

Echoes of Another Time

IT’S TOUGH DRIVING THE WINDING COASTAL ROADS of the North Shore, and not just because they occasionally dead-end at the ocean, or fork into unpaved, […]

Life on Display

BETWEEN TWEETING, E-MAILING, and reality TV, privacy can be hard to come by these days. Yet Diane McManus Jensen, an accomplished art dealer, gallery owner, […]

More than a Game

IN THE WORST ECONOMY IN DECADES, you’d be crazy to launch a company offering $35,000 handmade game tables. But Mars Made founders Andy Marsella and […]

Singular Sensations

“WEIRD THINGS FIND THEIR WAY TO ME,” says Lisa Foster, an interior architect and owner of the design firm Reconstructure. Foster has always had a […]