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Massachusetts Fourth and Fifth Graders Lead U.S. in NAEP Reading, Math Scores

Massachusetts Fourth and Fifth Graders Lead U.S. in NAEP Reading, Math Scores. Smart cookies. [Patch]


Somerville Principal Apologizes for Columbus Day E-mail

Somerville Principal Apologizes for Columbus Day E-mail. After Anne Foley sent an e-mail hating on Columbus Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, she’s backtracking and apologizing for […]


Merit Pay for Teachers Just Doesn't Pay Off

This week, The New York Times had a front-page article on teachers — always a moment of excitement for us. But, as is all too […]

Navigating the Boston Public Schools System

Come kindergarten, urban families have no choice but to flee the city for the ’burbs, right? Think again. It is possible to put together a great education for your kids right in Boston. Here’s how.

Best Schools 2010

Presenting our exclusive ranking of the Hub’s top 50 public high schools. Plus: How Boston’s education landscape is being reshape by charter schools like Roxbury Prep.

Best Schools 2010: The Honor Roll

From Acton to Wellesley, area high schools are offering students unprecedented opportunities to excel. Here, some standout programs that prepare kids for life beyond the classroom.

These Roxbury Prep Kids Can Kick Your Kid’’s MCAS!

Charter school advocates think they know how to save our students. With charters like Roxbury Prep set to expand dramatically, we’re about to find out if they’re right.

The Lessons of Newton North

In leafy Newton, the townsfolk have long been infected by a particularly potent strain of education lust. But now, with a $200 million high school tearing the city apart, it’s more than merely a reputation for great education that’s at stake. It’s the future of Newton as we know it.

The Making of an Outraged Mom

Funny things happen the second someone else tries to tell you they know what’s best for your kid.