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The Legal Process Begins for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

On Monday, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was charged from his hospital bed with the use of a weapon of mass destruction, resulting in death, as well as […]

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Why Tax Season Is Even More Terrible for Same-Sex Couples

The April 15 deadline for filing taxes is just days away, and while Massachusetts recognizes the marriage of same-sex couples, the federal government doesn’t, which […]

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State Releases First Draft of Medical Marijuana Rules and Regulations

Medical marijuana advocates are pleased with the wording of the first round of rules drafted by state officials, which will allow patients in Massachusetts to […]

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The Supreme Court Is Unlikely to Reinstate Prop. 8

The Supreme Court begins its second day of oral arguments surrounding the question of gay marriage Wednesday as it considers whether to strike down the federal […]

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Court Says Dad Must Find Another Way to Keep Daughter Out of Trouble

The Supreme Judicial Court undid a lower court’s restraining order today, issued to prevent a 40-year-old British man from seeing a 16-year-old Massachusetts girl with whom […]

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Nathaniel Fujita Highlights Need for Teen Dating Violence Prevention

Last week’s sentencing of 20-year-old Nathaniel Fujita to life in prison without parole for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Lauren Astley is a grim conclusion […]

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Meet the Newest Member of the Massachusetts Parole Board: Tonomey Coleman

Tonomey Coleman at the Governor’s Council hearing. (Photo by Jean Trounstine) The newest member of the Massachusetts Parole Board is defense attorney Tonomey Coleman, who […]

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The MIT Hoaxster Alleged a Gunman Was Retaliating for Aaron Swartz

The person who sent in a false tip that a gunman was roaming the MIT campus Saturday morning alleged that the gunman was targeting MIT’s […]

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Here Are the Local Companies Asking the Supreme Court to Overturn DOMA

Arguing that the Defense of Marriage Act unduly burdens them with administrative and financial headaches of navigating contradictory laws and benefits, nearly 300 employers, many […]

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Reports of an MIT Gunman Were a Hoax

Cambridge police say that the initial report that a gunman was on the MIT campus with a rifle and body armor was a hoax. MIT […]

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This Boston Phoenix Photo Gets More Awkward with Age

There’s really no way the Boston Phoenix could have known that Douglas Rodrigues, the chef at Clio in the Back Bay, would get arrested and […]

Person of Interest: Kevin Peterson

And justice for all.

In the Shadow of Woburn

In the Shadow of Woburn

Twenty-five years after taking on the case of his life, and a decade after A Civil Action made him famous, Jan Schlichtmann is back in the spotlight—this time going after the Turnpike Authority in a half-billion-dollar lawsuit. But has he learned his lesson from Woburn? The jury’s still out.

alimony law

Till Death Do Us Pay

The poster child for progressive marriage laws, Massachusetts is also a singularly nightmarish place to get a divorce—especially for the better-off spouse. Now a brewing reform movement is pushing to rewrite the state’s outdated alimony rules, led by one very fed-up ex-husband.

He’s Attorney James Sokolove

And those cheesy ads of his? They’ve done more than make him a pariah and a punch line. They’ve also created an under-the-radar empire that’s about to reinvent the business of ambulance chasing yet again.