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Businesses Group Realizes the Obvious: A Gas Tax Would Ease the Transit Crisis

A local business coalition is throwing its weight behind resuscitating a controversial idea for raising revenues: a gas tax. In a message to state lawmakers […]

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Massachusetts Might Start Charging Netflix Fees to Pay for Public Access TV

The streaming revolution has not exactly been kind to public access television, which relies on franchise fees the state charges cable companies to keep programming on […]

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The Great Massachusetts Beer Garden Backlash Has Arrived

Everyone loves a good beer garden. When it comes to combining the trends in after-hours imbibing, they’re right in the sweet spot: sought-after brews, fresh air, […]

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You Can Secretly Record Officials and Police in Massachusetts, a Judge Ruled

In a victory for two very different groups of people, a federal judge has ruled that a Massachusetts law against secretly recording police officers or government officials in […]

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The “Sanctuary State” Amendment Is No More

A “sanctuary state” proposal in the budget, which would have prevented local law enforcement from spending limited time and resources helping ICE, has been removed after legislators […]

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A City Council Idea Could Slow the Starbucks-ification of Boston

Sick of chains like Starbucks pushing out small businesses and swapping local character for squeaky clean corporate sheen? Boston’s City Council has an idea that would […]

A rainbow flag hangs on a street in Boston
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Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill to Add Third Gender Option to State IDs

For some, the stressful part of getting a driver’s license ends as soon as they manage to parallel park a vehicle. But for others, the […]

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Massachusetts House of Representatives Passes Automatic Voter Registration Bill

Your reward for waiting in line at the RMV may soon get a whole lot bigger. On Wednesday, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed an […]

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Charlie Baker Just Signed Off on a $15 Minimum Wage

A $15 minimum wage has long been a goal of activists around the country and in Massachusetts, a hard number to strive for in an […]

The Massachusetts State House
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Massachusetts Legislature Passes Bill for $15 Minimum Wage

With the flick of Gov. Charlie Baker’s pen, Massachusetts could join New York and California to become the third state in the country with a […]

In this June 18, 2018 photo, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speak to the media during the daily briefing in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. Nielsen is drafting an executive action for President Donald Trump that would direct DHS to keep families apprehended at the border together during detention. That's according to two people familiar with her thinking who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the effort before its official announcement. It's unclear whether the president is supportive of the measure.
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Protesters Disrupted Kirstjen Nielsen’s Dinner at a Todd English Restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen fled a restaurant led by Boston based-chef Todd English on Tuesday night—but it had nothing to do with his […]

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The Supreme Judicial Court Just Killed the Millionaire’s Tax

So that’s that. After a long wait for a decision that will have widespread political consequences in the state, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ruled against […]

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Poll: Preserving the Transgender Protections Law Is No Sure Thing

Activists for transgender rights had a lot to celebrate in 2016 when they successfully fought for a bill that would shield the trans community from discrimination […]

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Poll: Massachusetts Wants the Millionaire’s Tax

Looks like Massachusetts really wants millionaires to pay more in taxes. A new poll out from WBUR and the MassINC Polling Group today finds that support […]

Boats in front of the Boston skyline on a sunny day
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New Report Finds Cost of Boston Harbor Wall Outweighs Benefits

Build the wall, they chanted. It will solve the problem, they believed. Price tag, shmice tag, they smirked. Not so fast, the researchers said. A […]