Elizabeth Warren on the Primary Being “Rigged”: Never Mind

A week after saying she believed the Democratic primary was “rigged” for Hillary Clinton, Senator Elizabeth Warren is walking that position back. It was, in fact, […]

Setti Warren

Setti Warren Calls for Better Representation for Elders, Veterans

There are more than 355,000 veterans and more than 1 million senior citizens living in Massachusetts, but there are no direct liaisons advocating for their needs […]

A side view of Boston City Hall

Six Women of Color Were Elected to Boston City Council

Monday’s election was a reckoning for female politicians across Massachusetts. On the anniversary of a presidential race that left many opining about the viability of […]


Marty Walsh Was Just Re-Elected Mayor of Boston

After a lopsided race that nonetheless shed light on some of Boston’s most pressing problems and sparked discussion of the priorities of the city’s mayor, […]


Framingham Just Elected Its First Mayor: Yvonne Spicer

For the first time in its history, Framingham has picked a mayor: Museum of Science education executive and former teacher Yvonne Spicer. Her opponent, former […]

Marty Walsh and Tito Jackson

Low Voter Turnout Expected in Boston Mayoral Election

On election day in 2016, 277,366 Bostonians cast a vote. In 2014, 161,115 people pulled the lever. And in 2013, the last mayoral election, 142,007 […]


Elizabeth Warren: The Democratic Primary Was Rigged for Hillary Clinton

Elizabeth Warren did not mince words when asked Thursday whether the DNC was “rigged” for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential primary. “Yes,” she said. […]


Charlie Baker Is Still America’s Most Popular Governor

Though the Patriots may be Massachusetts’ most talked-about dynasty (currently!), there’s another consistent winner in the state who has a tight grip on his no. […]

Gov. Charlie Baker

Beacon Hill Sexual Harassment Policies Under Review

As the insidious culture of sexual harassment permeating Beacon Hill continues to come to light, Gov. Charlie Baker has directed staff to review the administration’s zero-tolerance […]


Mitt Romney Could Be Utah’s Next Senator

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney may soon be trying a new title on for size: junior senator. According to the Atlantic, Sen. Orrin Hatch, who has […]


At the WGBH Debate, Tito Jackson Challenged Marty Walsh’s Record

If Tito Jackson is going down, he’s going down swinging. The city councilor, in the last scheduled debate between the two candidates before the November […]


Bernie Sanders Is Coming to Somerville

Bernie Sanders is coming to Somerville on Monday, where he will stump for progressive candidates in local elections. The Vermont Senator says he’ll be at Once […]


Elizabeth Warren Is Endorsing Marty Walsh

Back when the 2016 Democratic primary was a toss-up in Massachusetts, Sen. Elizabeth Warren chose to let a progressive challenge to Hillary Clinton from Bernie Sanders […]


Susan Collins Is Staying Put

I guess it tells you all you need to know about the stature of Susan Collins that she captured the nation’s attention this morning by […]


Sen. Warren to Donate Harvey Weinstein’s Campaign Contributions

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will donate the $5,000 she received from Harvey Weinstein to Casa Myrna, a domestic violence nonprofit in Dorchester, her office told Boston Magazine. A number of […]