The Pope Owns Up to Abuse Scandal. Kinda

All around the country, news outlets trumpeted Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival in the United States and hashed over his comments on the priest sex abuse […]


Pope Benedict: Not a Rock Star?

Back in November, the Vatican revealed its plans to bring Pope Benedict to the United States. We were disappointed the Pontiff decided not to visit […]


The Man Who Will Not Be Vice President

Mitt Romney is not a man who is known for his sense of self-awareness, but even he knows that he is not going to be […]

Are Space Aliens the New Jesus?

Scientology is on the march in Boston, even as the city’s traditional religious power continues its inexorable decline. And that has our writer imagining a whole new world of possibilities for Bostonians’ beloved knee-jerk, hokum-drenched piety.


Talking About Touching

Whether it’s talking about death or an uncomfortable conversation about sexuality, no adult enjoys distilling big issues in a way children can understand. Aside from […]


St. Patrick’s Day Conundrum: To Pray, or To Party?

I don’t have much experience with the intricate rituals that Catholics observe around Easter. My friends pass on chocolates or vodka for Lent while I […]


S Is For Scientology, and Stupidity

The right to protest is one of the best things about being an American. At any time—for any reason—you can air your grievances publicly. But […]


We Didn’t Even Notice the Nuns, We Were Staring at that Butt

Dear Herald, Was it something we said? We know things have been a little rough between us lately. Even though we’ve sung your praises, you’re […]


Romney’s Speech

Mitt Romney just finished delivering his address titled “Faith in America.” (If you’re interested in watching the post-speech fervor, go here.) Predictably, Romney invoked the […]


Poll Shows American Bias Against Mormons

In case you haven’t noticed, Mitt Romney has been criticized by a lot of people, including Boston Daily, for all but refusing to talk about […]