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Big Shoutout to the Gamer Playing Call of Duty on the Red Line on the Fourth of July

Gamers of Boston, it’s time to step up your… game. If you’ve been whiling away your time on public transportation with puny handheld devices—rounds of […]

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Meet the Mass House—the TikTok Version

In some ways, Alexis Kimmey’s quarantine life sounds familiar. Like everyone else, she spends all day thinking of things to post online, something she hopes […]

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The New Antihero of the Massachusetts’ Vaccine Rollout: The Four-Armed Octopus of Doom

It’s playfully orange, nestled into a cloud colored gentle baby blue. Its four (not eight!) tentacles sprout from its featureless orb body and are splayed […]

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Sure Hope This Snowpiercer-Esque Harvard Project Doesn’t End Up like the Movie

To kick off 2021, a team of Harvard scientists is celebrating the fact that it’s taking the first steps toward a bold and potentially game-changing […]

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What Boston Searched for in 2020, According to Google

Boston, you don’t need me to tell you that this year was bad. It was so bad! It was bad in the primary way we […]

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Four Ways to Secure Your Cell Phone While Protesting in Boston

By now, maybe you’ve pretty much resigned yourself to the idea that the information on your phone is not private. We click “agree” on terms […]

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MIT Out-MITs Itself; Builds Full Scale Campus Replica on Minecraft

Even before in-person classes were canceled and the stay-at-home advisory was issued, escalating concerns about coronavirus had MIT students buzzing. As it became clear that […]


Is There Such a Thing as Healthy Tech Boundaries during Social Isolation?

By the third week of isolation, I had mastered Slack calls, group Facetimed for the first time, and logged into my fair share of Zoom […]

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Boston’s Start-Ups Will Never Be Silicon Valley Cool

It’s no secret that Boston is a world-class start-up ecosystem. Like Silicon Valley, we’ve got a reliable flow of venture capital, tax credits for research […]

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Ring’s Neighborhood Watch Feature Is Bringing Out the Worst in Boston

On a Tuesday afternoon in December, a man dressed in a camo hoodie with a shopping bag at his side walked up a set of […]

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Who Will Save Us from the TikTok Teens?

OK just want to say up top here that you really want to avoid succumbing to hysteria about viral trends and “challenges” and so on. […]

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What Did Boston Google in 2019?

Bostonians had a lot on their minds in 2019, and thanks to Google and its unfathomable stockpile of data on all of us, we now […]

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You Can Now Summon a 3D Keytar Bear on Snapchat

Want to capture the experience of spotting Keytar Bear on the streets of Boston from the comfort of…anywhere? A new Snapchat lens has you covered. A […]

Arts & Entertainment

You Can Take a Dive with Aquarium Experts Tonight

The New England Aquarium will bring the diving experience at one of the region’s most precious ocean preserves to the (very) big screen Thursday night. […]

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As Surveillance Goes Mainstream, Can Boston Tame Big Brother?

How many times do you think your face has been captured and plugged into an AI database today? Your mug, after all, is being scanned, […]