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Harvard, MIT, BU Helped Get Us That Black Hole Photo

Brainiacs in our backyard brought us Earth-shaking news about the possibility of alien spacecraft streaking through our solar system, or communicating with life beyond the […]

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Stop & Shop Says It Plans to Use “Self-Driving Grocery Stores” in Greater Boston This Year

At this point in Boston, we’ve gotten used to the idea of driverless cars taking their first baby steps on our streets. But is the region […]

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Let’s Just See What the Aliens Have to Say

In what is either a sign of hope or sheer desperation, the local scientific community has been increasingly looking beyond the stars. Harvard researchers saw a giant rock hurtling through our solar […]

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Amazon Facial Recognition Mistakenly Linked Ed Markey to a Mugshot

As far as we know, Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey’s face has never appeared in a mugshot. But that’s not the result the ACLU got when […]

A nuTonomy car parked outside the central branch of the Boston Public Library
City Life

Boston Just Gave the OK to Citywide Tests of Self-Driving Cars

Make way for robots. Boston has just given approval to the self-driving car company nuTonomy to begin testing autonomous vehicles all around the city, letting […]

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I Spent the Day with a Digital Ben Franklin

Since it opened next to City Hall last summer, the Dreamland Wax Museum has specialized in bringing historical figures and celebrities to life with, well, […]

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Northeastern Wants to Unlock the Secrets of Boston’s Past with Big Data

Boston has a long and complicated past, and its many archives and databases each tell little pieces of that story—a photo album here, a map there, […]

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The BPDA Made a Spellbinding Interactive 3D Map of Boston

Boston’s Planning and Development Agency this week released a stunning 3D map of Boston that apparently includes every one of the city’s tens of thousands of buildings in interactive, multicolored […]

Arts & Entertainment

This Local Company Gets Museum Technology Down to a Fine Art

During a time when art museum attendance is declining in America and photos of exhibits are accessible by a tap on a screen, what does […]

The yellow SpotMini robot
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Jeff Bezos Walked with a Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot

Jeff Bezos and his freaky robot dog have been unleashed. On Monday evening, the Amazon founder tweeted a sparkling, sun-drenched picture framed as if to […]

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MIT Researcher: Artificial Intelligence Has a Race Problem, and We Need to Fix It

Artificial intelligence is increasingly affecting our lives in ways most of us haven’t even thought about. Even if we don’t have emotional androids plotting revenge on humankind (yet), we’re surrounded […]

Paris, France - January 28, 2016: Amazon logotype printed on cardboard box side seen from above on a wooden parwuet floor. Amazon is an American electronic e-commerce company distribution worlwide e-commerce goods
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Indeed.Com Suggests Technology Job Growth Is Sputtering in Boston

Despite its reputation as a center for startups and innovation, technology job growth may have actually slowed in Boston last year. Employment website says, […]

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Boston Dynamics’ Robot Does Backflips Now and We’re Scared

  Hug your children. The era of the hostile robot takeover inched closer this week, as Boston Dynamics released an ominous new video from the company’s lair […]

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The Robots Are Coming

That is, unless a handful of local AI wizards can stop them.

A man wearing sunglasses and holding a white cane shakes hands with a job recruiter
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Job Fair for Visually Impaired Highlights Homogeneity of Options in Boston Job Market

After the handshake comes the elevator pitch. If that goes well, it’s on to the informational chit chat and the business card exchange. The job […]