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LiquiGlide Is Trying to Make LiquiGlide for Molasses Happen

Today marks 96th anniversary of the Great Molasses Disaster of 1919, and while most of us will merely reflect on the most bizarre tragedy in Massachusetts’s history, […]

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Professors Want to Keep Robots from Getting Out of Control

Experts from around the country, including professors from Harvard University and MIT who study the future of Artificial Intelligence and its potential impacts on the […]

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Website Tracks Your Happiness to Remind You Life’s Not So Bad

People spend hours on the Internet each day—roughly 11, to be exact—and the cascade of information that floods into someone’s brain via smartphone, laptop, or tablet […]

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Tutoring App Offers Students Academic Help on the Spot

Students with last-minute questions about homework, or who are running into problems studying for a final exam, can now get help solving their academic quandaries […]

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Where Are People Looking to Rent Parking Spots in Boston?

A new parking app that lets users seek out unused spaces around the Boston area, so they can rent them hourly, daily, or even monthly, […]

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#WickedCoolTree: Control the Colors of City Hall’s Holiday Tree Decorations

City Hall is all hooked up to the Internet, right down to the Christmas tree in the main lobby. The tree, set up at the […]

City Life, Developed in 24-Hours, Lets You Get Advice From Complete Strangers

The truth is out there, but getting it from the people closest to you isn’t always the best approach when trying to figure out life’s […]

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Novo App Will Let You Pay Your Bar Tab From Your Phone

It’s a hangover nightmare that makes your heart drop into your (already sour) stomach: waking up from a night of debauchery at the local bar […]

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These Gloves Will Tweet When You Make the Hashtag Symbol with Your Hands

Just in time for the cold winter months and the holidays (hint, hint), a group of local college kids came up with a killer idea […]

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Apple Makes It Near Impossible to Unlock a Deceased Relative’s iPad

What happens when a loved one passes away and leaves you everything … including their locked iPad? Sure there are probably more pressing concerns in the […]

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Five Boston Kickstarter Pledges That Make High-Tech Holiday Gifts

Pledging to these Boston-based Kickstarter campaigns results in unique gifts just in time for the holidays.

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Taxi Medallion Prices Are Falling in Boston

Two news stories in the past week outlined an interesting trend in Boston and other major cities: the price of a taxi medallion is plummeting. […]

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‘GoGlove’ Gets a Second Wind on Kickstarter

An interactive winter glove that transmits information from people’s smartphones to their headphones and other devices, allowing users to change music, have texts read to […]

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The Red Sox, Twitter, and Context

The Red Sox taught us a small but important lesson in social media: your tweets do not exist in a vacuum. Monday, a Missouri county […]

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Suburbs Trying to Woo Israeli Businesses With Designated Tech and Startup Sector

Governor Deval Patrick recently traveled to Israel with a goal of showing off the booming tech sectors sprouting up statewide and touting Massachusetts’ growing economy, trying […]