Did You Leave a Portable Toilet in the Middle of I-93 This Weekend?

Take the highway into Boston long enough and you’ll see all sorts of things that don’t belong, like a bicycle, for example, or a guy napping behind […]

orange line train

The MBTA Just Doubled Your Odds of Riding a New Orange Line Train

Who doesn’t love snagging a spot on the MBTA’s brand new Orange Line train, the first of many to be debuted on the line as […]


Derailed: My Public Transit Odyssey across Massachusetts

It’s 6:30 a.m., and I’m standing beside a bus shelter in the parking lot of the North Adams Walmart Supercenter with an envelope filled with […]


At Long Last, We Know What Caused the Red Line Derailment

The mystery of what, exactly, caused the derailment that made the Red Line such a nightmare this summer has finally been solved. In a report released […]


Please, Help Us Find the Secret HOV Lane Cop Tweets

From mannequins in hoodies riding shotgun to giant baby dolls in the backseat, Bostonians have turned to some pretty clever? desperate? methods to outsmart the police […]


Have You Seen the Video of the Guy Asleep at the Wheel of a Tesla on the Mass Pike Yet?

Well this does not look good! A terrifying video captured this weekend appears to show a man asleep behind the wheel of a car, identified […]

The route 65 bus at Kenmore state

Kiss Your Familiar Morning Commute Goodbye: Two Dozen Bus Routes Are Changing

If you’re planning on taking an MBTA bus home from your Labor Day barbecue, you might want to double check the schedule first. Starting September […]


A 21-Year-Old Man Was Struck and Killed by the Commuter Rail Monday Morning

A man who was struck by a commuter rail train Monday morning has died, MBTA transit police confirmed. Police received a call around 6:20 a.m. […]


An MBTA Ferry Ran Aground in Boston Harbor, Injuring Four

Under a cover of heavy fog, an MBTA ferry en route from Hull to Boston ran aground near Long Island in the Harbor Friday morning. Four […]


This Is a New One: Police Say a Man Sprayed Bear Repellent on the Red Line

Sure, complain if you must about bad behavior on the MBTA. The man-spreaders, the backpack-wearers, and the rush hour apple-eaters are all worthy of our […]


The Green Line Extension Has MBTA Officials “Very Worried”

A key element of the Green Line extension has officially fallen behind schedule—and to some MBTA board members, that’s a major cause for concern. “Count […]

The Red Line

MBTA Announces Upcoming Weekend Closures on Red, Green, Orange Lines

After a major Red Line derailment set the MBTA up for a less-than-stellar summer, Governor Charlie Baker announced that his administration was going to pursue […]


A Goose Flew into an MBTA Bus Windshield and Injured Its Driver

For your average MBTA bus driver, the road is always full of hazards, like the cyclists and motorized scooters lurking around every corner, blinker-allergic Massholes […]

A new Orange Line train headed toward Oak Grove

The Wait Is Over: New MBTA Orange Line Train Goes Live on Wednesday

Pop the champagne: After years of waiting (sort of) patiently, MBTA commuters will finally see a sparkling new Orange Line train hit the tracks this week. […]

Cars in gridlock

MassDOT Study Shows It’s Basically Impossible to Predict How Long Your Commute Will Take

No, it’s not just your imagination: Traffic really has gone from bad to worse in the past few years. Thursday morning, MassDOT released a new report analyzing greater […]