The $10 Weekend Commuter Rail Passes Are Coming Back

If you’re one of the thousands of people who made use of those $10 unlimited commuter rail weekend passes last year—which let you ride as […]


There’s Trouble on the Tracks for the Mattapan Trolley

Its vintage trolley cars are beloved in Boston, but it’s no secret the Mattapan Line isn’t in tip-top shape—amid recharged efforts to shorten the backlog of needed […]


The First New MBTA Green Line Train Just Hit the Tracks

Look at that big, shiny, beautiful thing. In an early Christmas present for Boston commuters, the first of the new Green Line trains went into service today, ferrying passengers on […]

A new Orange Line train headed toward Oak Grove

A Reminder: Trump Tariffs Could Jack up the Cost of New MBTA Trains

Here’s the thing about tariffs and trade wars: Ultimately, the people who feel the pain are often not the nation’s competitors overseas, but all of us—you and […]


MBTA General Manager Luis Ramírez Is Stepping Down

Fifteen months into a three-year-contract, and with winter just a week away, MBTA General Manager Luis Ramírez is leaving his post. Ramírez, picked to lead […]


An Orange Line Conductor Stopped a Rush-Hour Train, Made “Uncommon Remarks”

  The MBTA is investigating after an Orange Line conductor stopped a rush hour train and made “uncommon remarks” to passengers Monday morning. Transit Police […]


When to Drive (and When Not to Drive) on Thanksgiving

Driving on Thanksgiving in Boston, like in all American cities, is a disaster waiting to happen. Play your cards wrong, and you could end up spending […]


One Last Question: Why Is Logan Airport in East Boston?

East Boston seems like a weird place for an airport. So how did it get there in the first place?


Make Way for Electric Scooters in Boston This Spring

Maybe you love them. Maybe you hate them. Maybe the very sight of them parked on a sidewalk inspires the urge to decapitate them or heave them into […]


The MBTA’s Fare Machines Were Under the Weather Today

Update: The fare machines are working again. #MBTA Fare Vending Machines are now accepting credit and debit card transactions. We thank you for your patience. — […]


As the Green Line Extension Rolls Through Somerville, a Lion’s Head Will Live On

For nearly a century, a concrete lion’s head has kept watch over Gilman Square in Somerville. Placed there when the brick, art deco-style Homans Building was built […]


In Defense of the Kick Scooter

There’s an awful lot of talk about scooters in Boston these days. The wrong kind. Pretty much out of nowhere, dockless e-scooters have swept the nation, popping […]


The MBTA’s Just War on Backpacks Has Been Rekindled

Waiting in the stale heat that fills the southbound MBTA Orange Line stop at State Street this morning, I heard the sweetest sound come over […]


The Other Scourge of Storrow Drive: People Riding Bikes

We hear a lot about the perils of Storrow Drive this time of year, and for good reason. Thousands of people unfamiliar with the concept of “Storrowing” arrive in […]

Cars in gridlock

Boston Has Better Drivers than Baltimore, and Only Baltimore

Take a bow, Boston drivers. You are, collectively, no longer the worst drivers in America. According to a new study, that title now belongs to Baltimore. When […]