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City Life

The Untenable Misery of Shoe Shopping for New England Weather

WHEN YOU GROW UP in Massachusetts, you grow up with weather. Sure, every place has it, but not like here. We got the best. It’s […]

Life & Style

Meditating on the Art of Marriage

This is a love story, both simple and tricky, as all love stories are. I will begin with the tricky part, on Lake Champlain in […]

City Life

It’s Officially Time to Revamp Massachusetts’ State Symbols

I might rag on my state for the usual reasons, like the lousy winters, the traffic, and the drivers who create it. But deep down, […]


Into the Antarctic Void: My Luxury Cruise to Breathtaking Desolation

I have a photo of myself standing high on a ridge overlooking Neko Harbor in Antarctica. I appear to be smiling, and my hatless head […]

City Life

Will the ‘Millionaires’ Tax’ Hobble the Massachusetts Economy?

Erin Calvo-Bacci is worried. At age 52, with the youngest of three daughters now in high school, she expects the eventual sale of her business—the […]

City Life

How I Learned There’s Heroism in Preparedness

April 15, 2013, was a gut-wrenching, horrible day, one in which I, as executive director of the Boston Marathon and president of the Boston Athletic […]

Arts & Entertainment

Take That, ChatGPT!

“God help you, you’re a writer.” This is what my cousin, Richard Frede, told me long ago. Richard was a successful novelist. His book, The […]

City Life

Boston Deserves Better than Fenway Park. Sorry Not Sorry.

The end of this month will be Opening Day at Fenway Park, a time of big hopes and slight delusions. It’s when we act as […]

City Life

The Real, Essential Backstory of ‘the Embrace’

The ceremony that took place before the monument to Martin Luther King Jr. and his wife, Coretta Scott King, was revealed had all the hallmarks […]

City Life

The Case Against Trying To ‘Have It All’

Walt Disney once said that if you can visualize it and if you can dream it, there’s a way to do it. Yet this was […]

City Life

To Jeep, or Not to Jeep, That is the Question

It was the first week of May 2022, and I was thinking about my car, specifically how long it was going to last. My hope […]

City Life

Jane Swift and Me, 20 Years Later

On a warm, sunny day this past summer, I drove up a long driveway to former Governor Jane Swift’s Williamstown farm, located high on a […]

Arts & Entertainment

A Veteran Boston Writer Fondly Recalls His Hollywood Adventures

Let’s face it: Even in buttoned-up Boston, we’re no strangers to the glamour and allure of Hollywood. Old-time stars like Bette Davis and Jack Lemmon […]


How Do You Say Goodbye to Your Therapist?

As soon as Adelaide’s face appeared on my computer screen, I felt the upswell of an urge to cry. I had been seeing Adelaide, on […]

City Life

What Is the Weirdest Mass. Road Sign Ever?

We’ve all had small moments when life finally felt like it was returning to normal. For me, it was the bulk section reopening at Whole […]