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City Life

How Yuppies Shaped Modern-Day Boston

One day a few months ago, I happened to be in the South End when I started noticing, in a way that I never have […]

Arts & Entertainment

Why I’m Ready to Break Up With Summer

I’m happy it’s about to be summer. Peaches are in season, and I can constantly wear shorts—a big win all around because, to be frank, […]

City Life

What Does My Garage Say About Me?

We’re celebrating three years with our dog. Before we got him, I could have predicted a few of the things that Muggsy was going to […]

City Life

Remembering the Real Victim in the Karen Read Case, My Friend John O’Keefe

My phone was still on silent when I woke the morning of January 30, 2022, to four missed calls and a text from a friend […]

City Life

Why I Left My Dream Job at WBZ

It was a spectacular, sunny day on Cape Cod. And yet I was devastatingly sad. While my kids and wife were happily getting ready for […]

City Life

So You Don’t Want to Go Back to the Office?

Post-COVID, we’re in so many revolutions at once. The top three revolutions seem to be in education (upward of $50,000 a year for college is […]

City Life

How to Be a Real New Englander? Complain.

I was born in Boston and grew up just outside of it. Save for four years in Wisconsin—loved it; wicked cold—I’ve been here all my […]

City Life

So You Want to Get Rich Quick?

You never really learn much about life from your triumphs. You learn from your mistakes. I’ve been in the investment world for decades, and my […]

City Life

Why Are There So Many Wild Turkeys on The Loose in Massachusetts?

Here’s one more reason the rest of the country hates us: We’re pretty. More than that, we’re pretty in every season. In the summer, we […]


The Cold Truth: Swimming Walden Pond in November

I arrived at Walden Pond State Reservation just after sunrise, recalling that a certain local resident named Thoreau once wrote, “Morning brings back the heroic […]

City Life

Why I Left the Boston Ballet

Standing in the wings before the curtain lifted for the third and final act of The Sleeping Beauty, I became acutely aware of the backstage […]

City Life

Confessions of a Twitcher

I used to do cocaine. A lot of it. As in, five out of seven nights a week. It might not be immediately apparent what […]

Life & Style

Why Is Sound Therapy Having a Moment?

I’d never really given much thought to the idea of sound therapy—that is, until I attended a wellness retreat at Maine’s Hidden Pond resort back […]

City Life

The Untenable Misery of Shoe Shopping for New England Weather

WHEN YOU GROW UP in Massachusetts, you grow up with weather. Sure, every place has it, but not like here. We got the best. It’s […]

Life & Style

Meditating on the Art of Marriage

This is a love story, both simple and tricky, as all love stories are. I will begin with the tricky part, on Lake Champlain in […]