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SCOTUS Deals a Blow to The Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court today dealt a blow to a key portion of the Voting Rights Act—a decision that might not have particularly large consequences for […]

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Why Massachusetts’ Parole System Requires Reform

Two years ago, Deval Patrick set out to save our parole system. But he’s only made it worse.

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When Is a Juvenile No Longer a Juvenile?

When it comes to incarceration, Massachusetts has recognized 17 as the age of adulthood since 1846. Of course, anyone who has a 17-year-old might question […]

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Thousands Sign Petition In Support of Labeling Foods Containing GMOs

Massachusetts is following the bread trail started by other states trying to strong-arm food distribution companies into plastering bold labels on edible products that contain […]

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Boston Student Reunites With Mom at U.S.-Mexico Border in Fight For Immigration Reform

Renata Teodoro sat in the 110-degree weather in Arizona on Tuesday as her mother slowly played with her hair, scolding her for not practicing her […]

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Apparently Texting While Walking Is a Real Concern

As most people put a focus on distracted driving, trying to keep motorists from texting while behind the wheel, there is a group of people […]

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There’s a Push to Raise the Minimum Wage in Massachusetts

Massachusetts hasn’t raised the minimum wage for workers in half a decade, and Beacon Hill lawmakers say it puts employees at a disadvantage as they […]

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Post-‘Boston Calling,’ the City Still Stands

I checked the papers: the city is still here. We had a rock show on City Hall Plaza—a two day rock show!—and there was no […]

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The Authority: Why the B.R.A. Needs to Go

In this town, the Boston Redevelopment Authority rules supreme. Accountable only to the mayor, it exerts total control over zoning, planning, and development—an anachronistic concentration of power not found anywhere else in the country. As the Menino era draws to a close, it’s time for the agency to go.

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Thousands to Protest Genetically Modified Foods During Weekend Rally

While some people will gather at City Hall to listen to the tunes of Fun., and other big name musical acts at the Boston Calling […]

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More Marijuana Rallies Might Be Budding in Boston

In less than a week, the official medical marijuana regulations crafted by the Department of Public Health will go into effect, and already, activists are […]

Stand Down

What do the looming cuts to the defense budget mean for Massachusetts?

The Empire State Strikes Back

New York’s decision to allow gay marriage was a great stride for equality—one that could cost Massachusetts millions in lost tourism.

Bad Medicine

The Patrick administration likes the notion of universal health coverage. It just doesn’t want to pay for it.

Puff Daddy

A Harvard biomedical engineer has come up with a new kind of dining experience, one that has the potential to revolutionize how we look at food—or at least our oral fixations.