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Return to Grandeur

A STROLL ALONG HISTORY-rich Brattle Street — where this 1880s Tudor Revival sits proudly on a corner lot — reveals house after flamboyant Victorian house. […]

The Rescuers

DESIGN IN BOSTON has always involved a certain struggle between the historical and the progressive. It’s this tension that has attracted artists to the city […]

Dining In: More or Less

More: $74,145   1 Crystal four-arm lamps, $5,000 for the pair, Antiques at 80 Charles. 2 Sacred 2 by Damien Hirst, $27,500, DTR Modern Galleries. 3 […]

Natural Beauty

Tired of being forced to choose between beauty and the environment, interior designers Roisin Giese and Miggy Mason decided to open their own shop, where […]

Bowled Over

BOSTON-BASED CERAMICIST JILL ROSENWALD has created some exciting pieces lately, but our favorite is this dramatic suzani-inspired bowl. To contemporize the traditional pomegranate motif found […]

Home & Property

Best of Boston Home 2011

In our quest to compile the ultimate guide to design and construction, we did our research just the way you would—by polling trusted industry pros, checking and cross-checking references, and pounding the pavement.


Merry Fake Christmas

By: Alexandra Hall Plenty of people look forward to the holidays as a time of meaningful authenticity. Me? I’ve been faking my way through the […]


Store Relocation: Simon Pearce

By A. J. Downey For some women, it’s their shoes. Others, it’s their collection of handbags. But me? I have my Simon Pearce. During my […]

Meet the Mezrichs

With the movie version of his book The Accidental Billionaires opening this month, Ben Mezrich — along with his wife, Tonya — is taking time to do what anyone with a newborn would: Hole up at home.

Modern Influences

Two art-loving Bostonians draw on their world-class collection to transform a Back Bay condo into a masterpiece.

Home & Property

Best of Boston Home 2010

Let’s face it: Construction and renovation are not for the faint of heart. Unless, that is, you’ve got expert guidance on your side. That’s where the Best of Boston Home comes in.

Paradigm Shift

It’s not every day that designers get to mix bales of hay and molten metal. But when a couple in the western suburbs needed a barn […]

Take Two

Fall Home Design: Take Two

While owners looking to expand their home—or even simply to modernize it—may be tempted to rebuild from the ground up, these local case studies show how you can create a dream house (and keep the local zoning board happy) by thinking inside the box.


ISO a Condo

Hi. Look, we need to talk. As per our agreement, I’m doing our shopping for us. I’m out there everyday looking at condos and spending […]

Home Design: The New Cozy

With “going out” and “getting away” feeling like relics of a more carefree era, today’s homeowners are creating all-inclusive retreats within their own four walls.