Home Design

Inside the Box

Every winter for the last decade, Bostonians Mark Garber and Vaughn Miller have driven to Vermont with skis strapped to their roof, carting duffel bags […]

Lofty Expectations

A 2004 New Yorker story describing the gentrification of South Boston so  intrigued Michelle Oliver that she yearned for a neighborhood brick-and-beam loft of her […]

Industrial Strength

The exterior is anonymous. Framed by an old metal fence and unchecked weeds, its nondescript brick walls reveal little, save for a faded mural of […]

Triple Take

WILKES PASSAGE 1313 Washington St., Boston Built in 2002, the seven-story condo building contains 159 units. Who He Is: Jeremiah Eck What He Does: He’s […]

Design in a Downturn

On a sunny day in 1950, my tiny grandma Zelda surveyed her Philadelphia townhouse with a critical eye. It was furnished, but it needed something […]

At Home With: The Artful Lodgers

At first, Rick Grossman seems more like an art historian than a high-end furniture dealer. With an uncanny memory for names and dates, he tells […]

Hood Wink

  THE NUISANCE: Conventional kitchen design leaves home chefs with two choices: hang a beastly hood over your island stove or quit making curry. THE […]

Book Smart

TOTAL: $22,671 1. Flos Spun light, $2,175, Montage. 2. Handblown glass vase, $48, Pod. 3. Niagara Phobia, by Chuck Voelter, $5,200, Jules Place. 4. Michael […]

High Chair

Your Highness

Julie Suratt, mother of twins Emmett and Phineas, 2 I have two behemoth highchairs taking up half my kitchen. Small is glorious! I’m wary of […]

What’s in Store: Acquire

During her eight years as a producer for PBS and the National Geographic Channel, Nikki Dalrymple crisscrossed the country filming tornadoes in Alabama and rodeos […]


Seat Yourself

WALTER KNOLL TOGETHER $17,500, M2L The Look Rigidly architectural, the angular sofa is a minimalist’s dream come true. The Details Form trumps function with anemic […]


THIN LIFE  The svelte leather 568 armchair and footstool are streamlined yet super-comfortable. $8,170, Rolf Benz.

Helping Hands

South End artist Polly Becker assembles vintage and found objects to embody a particular theme—in this case, volunteerism—then photographs her work. The resulting images, very […]


What’s in Store: Acquire

Nikki Dalrymple, owner of new North End home boutique Acquire, is totally someone you’d want to be friends with. She’s super-friendly. She has funny stories […]


Bostonista Gets Between the Sheets

Bostonista is not one to jump into bed with just anyone, but, let’s just say, if this anyone happened to have the linens showcased at […]