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Editor’s Picks: American Idyll

Handcrafted furnishings made in small workshops across the U.S. (some right here in Boston).

Home & Property

Living Large: Put Down Roots

Rachel Slade’s off-kilter take on hub dwellings.

Home & Property

Worth Preserving: The Underwood Estate in Belmont

Photos by Josh Kuchinsky Your mom may not have stored tins of Underwood Deviled Ham in the family bomb shelter, but many matriarchs did. In […]

House in Brookline

Real Estate: Living Large

Rachel Slade’s off-killer take on hub dwellings.

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What’s Hot and Not in Boston Home Design

Home & Property

Living Large: Creature Comforts

Five stories above Newbury Street, just out of earshot of the undergrads abusing their parents’ credit cards, sits this tricked-out condo.

City Slick

Designer Lisa Kreiling melds wide-ranging taste and worldly possessions in her family’s newly renovated South End townhouse.

Eclectic Avenue

Who says the suburbs can’t be artsy? A Newton family injects their 19th-century house with a modern vibe.

The Rest is History

A Boston couple transforms a centuries-old Nantucket cottage into a serene family retreat.

Off The Walls

Why let fashion have all the fun? Sumptuous wallpaper patterns share the spotlight with bold summer looks.

Chain Gang

An Attleboro Falls company shows how chic and versatile metal can be — from jewelry to home decor and commercial textiles.

Stay Tuned for Style

Even off camera, TV reporter Amanda Grace’s condo is picture perfect.

Different Strokes

When he’s not rowing on the Charles, William Reimann is crafting an array of elaborate art and sculpture.

Gold Struck

Local artisan and inventor Tony Davlin outfits his Cambridge bathroom in shimmering tiles and rare wood.

Shake It Up

These salt and pepper shakers give good reason to season.