Sold! The $1.3 Million+ Housing Market

The economy may still seem slow, but in the realm of high-end housing sales around here, things have been brisk. In the past month alone, […]


Tear Down the Televisions!

I can’t remember if this thought struck me while in the checkout line at the supermarket or while I was filling my car at the […]

Home & Property

Best of Boston Home 2012

From millworkers to muslin, decorative painters to doorknobs, Boston’s best can be found right here.


Three Deckers: A Boston Icon

Holiday time is family time, right? Everyone piled in together, hemmed in by Christmas trees, rented banquet tables, kids’ presents, and the chairs brought up […]


Don't Give Your Realtor a Vacation

At the risk of taking heat from my colleagues, I am here to tell you that if your house is currently on the market and […]


Shop Local With the New Access Card

If you buy your groceries from the neighborhood co-op, mourn the disappearance of farmers markets in the winter, and think small-batch craft beer is the […]


Skittish Bidding Wars?

The Wall Street Journal reports, “For the second time in history — and the second time in as many months — average rates on 30-year […]


Mid-Century Modern: Preservation or New Construction?

    My business partner and I have a new listing coming on today in Lincoln. It’s a 1957 house designed by noted Modernist architect, […]


Growth at the Boston Waterfront, aka, the Innovation District

Growth at the Boston Waterfront, aka, the Innovation District. That’s the name Menino gave the area in hopes of attracting lucrative tenants/builders/buyers. Even with such […]

The Slade Index

What’s hot and not in Boston home design.

Living Large

Rachel Slade’s off-kilter take on hub dwellings.


Chasing Tracy Campion

I’d never met Tracy Campion before I wrote my profile of her for this issue’s The Closer, but I’d seen her elegant real estate ads […]

Star Aesthete

BOSTON-BASED INTERIOR DESIGNER Frank Roop has been called one of the best in the world at what he does by Architectural Digest France, so it […]

Play It Cool

  Photographs by Joel Benjamin


Could Boston’s Urban Ring Be Another High Line?

It is hard not to be impressed with the astonishing, multi-phase redevelopment of an old industrial elevated rail line in New York known as The […]