Double Take

AMY AND ETHAN D’ABLEMONT BURNES HAVE a giant peace sign drawn on their dining room wall. It carries signatures, doodles, and well wishes from everyone […]

Spout Off

Alien Encounters: Pipe Dreams by Magis, $63, Emmo Home. It may look otherworldly, but this vessel was actually designed for human hands. Old-World Charm: $60, Nest. The weathered elegance […]

Echoes of Another Time

IT’S TOUGH DRIVING THE WINDING COASTAL ROADS of the North Shore, and not just because they occasionally dead-end at the ocean, or fork into unpaved, […]


Philly Style … in Davis Square

Ask anyone from the Philadelphia or southern New Jersey region what they long for most from home, and a few items usually pop up. First […]

Life on Display

BETWEEN TWEETING, E-MAILING, and reality TV, privacy can be hard to come by these days. Yet Diane McManus Jensen, an accomplished art dealer, gallery owner, […]


The Convention Center Chronicles: Wrap-Up

Expanding the Convention Center and adding a Headquarters hotel are going to be heavy financial lifts for this area. We are talking about an initial […]

More than a Game

IN THE WORST ECONOMY IN DECADES, you’d be crazy to launch a company offering $35,000 handmade game tables. But Mars Made founders Andy Marsella and […]


One Home Renovation Project You Should Skip

The one thing that annoys me most about green going mainstream is people’s mistaken belief that being eco-friendly means buying stuff — that somehow a […]

Singular Sensations

“WEIRD THINGS FIND THEIR WAY TO ME,” says Lisa Foster, an interior architect and owner of the design firm Reconstructure. Foster has always had a […]


Convention Center Chronicles – Marginal Impact and Demand

What do we get? And who will come? Those are the questions that have not been properly answered despite reams of Powerpoints and consultants reports. […]


Daily Feed

Facebook Gets the No-Go on Ending Winklevii Suit. The next step for Mark Zuckerberg’s former Harvard classmates is to file a request with the U.S. […]

Backyard Bounty

          Salad Days: Wooden utensils from the Jonathan’s Wild Cherry Spoons “Cat Tail” collection are fanciful and  functional. $26–$30, KitchenWares by […]

Bright Ideas

Clear Objectives: Made of fiery acrylic, Seat for T’s Quan Chair shows off contemporary Chinese styling. $3,755, Jia Moderne. Green Piece: This movable from Bungalow 5 can serve […]

Animal Urges

  Deerly Beloved: The bambi occasional table by French design house Ibride is made of laminated birch crafted to resemble a fawn’s lower half. $1,260, Delise […]


Q&A: Walter Pierce, Lexington-Based Pioneering Architect

Some years back, the architect and Lexington resident, Walter Pierce was quoted in the Boston Globe, describing Peacock Farm, a pioneering modernist neighborhood in Lexington […]