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Massachusetts Has 40 of the Top 50 Priciest Zip Codes in New England

It may be the one competition Bay Staters would prefer to lose. After analyzing all 2019 residential sales in New England’s six beautiful states and […]

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Boston’s Property Value Has Hit a Record-Breaking High

Boston’s real estate market is hotter than ever—approximately 78.4% hotter, according to a new report from the Boston Municipal Research Bureau. From 2013 to 2019, […]

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And the Boston Area City with the Fastest Growing Rent This Year Was…

As the year—and decade—wraps up, it’s time to look back at how much of our paychecks we’ve collectively forked over to landlords this year, and […]

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Updated: Boston Has Decided to Demolish Whitey Bulger’s “Haunty” House

Update 12/17/19 11:30 a.m.: It’s the end of an area for the Haunty—and the start of a new one for its neighbors. After 10 days […]

Boston skyline view from the Top of the Hub
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Guess Which Boston Zip Code Is One of the Most Expensive in the U.S.

Populated with retailers like Canada Goose and Tesla, we don’t go to the Prudential looking for a cheap buy—and we don’t scour the surrounding area […]

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Boston Rent Prices Have Finally Decreased Ever So Slightly

If you’re annoyed that you weren’t the one to uncover buried treasure in the North End, here’s a new way to feel a little richer: […]

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Boston Welcomes New England’s First LGBTQ-Friendly Senior Housing Facility

Sixteen years after becoming the first state to legalize gay marriage, Massachusetts has become the first state in New England to develop a senior housing […]

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The Hub on Causeway Is Finally Open for Business, and You Have to Check it Out

If you want to see a movie, need a place to live, have to buy some eggs and bread, want to taste a Guy Fieri-approved […]

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These Are the Best Places to Raise a Family in Massachusetts

This may be an eye-rollingly obvious statement to any seasoned parent, but: Raising a family is not easy. From carpool logistics to family-sized grocery hauls to the […]

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The Ames Hotel Has Closed to Make Room for Suffolk Students

There are no reservations left at the Ames Hotel. The historic downtown Boston hotel closed its doors Sept. 23—and will reopen them to a slew […]

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4 One of a Kind Homes Available Now in the Suburbs

The endless searching through listings is over. Your dream home is here. Well, make that four dream homes. Good luck choosing from these suburban stunners […]

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Planning on Going Outside During Move-In Weekend? Check This Heat Map First

We are officially at T-10 days until the dreaded citywide September 1 move, and by this point, anyone who is planning to move should have […]

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The Obamas Might Be Buying a Martha’s Vineyard Home from Wyc Grousbeck

Update: In the same way most of us might try on a pair of jeans before making the purchase, the Obamas decided to rent out […]

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Suffolk Undergrads Might Get to Live in the Ames Hotel Next Year

With its skyline views, modern furnishings, and spot on the National Register of Historic Places, the Financial District’s Ames Hotel is a far cry from a […]

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Either-Or: A Sprawling Scituate Chateau vs. a South End Triplex

Photos by Bill Good Sr., Bill Good Jr., and Lynn Murphy/Dean and Hamilton Realtors (Scituate); Boston Virtual Imaging (South End) 169 Border Street, Scituate Sale […]