Real Estate


The Downtown Boston Market: A Mixed Bag

The old saying “real estate is local” never runs more true than in Boston. For years now, I have been arguing that, despite the unfortunate […]


The Four Fundamentals of Buying a Home

Sometimes, I see home owners who are considering selling, unconvinced that there are buyers for their homes due mostly to the turbulence of the market. […]


Daily Feed: A Post-Lockout To-Do List for the Patriots

A Post-Lockout To-Do List for the Patriots. How to take control of your season with training camp and free agency likely piled on one another […]


Low Supply, High Demand Means All-Time Peak Prices for Rentals

Renting in Boston: Low Supply, High Demand Means All-Time Peak Prices. Some people, desperate to find a place to live, even take a unit sight […]


Hush-Hush Home Sales

Every once in a while, a seller might ask us to let our possible buyers clients know that they’ll be selling their house soon. Usually […]

Living Large: Just a Little Pied-à-Terre

Rachel Slade’s off-kilter take on Hub dwellings.


Cambridge Tops City's Most Expensive Neighborhoods for Renters

Cambridge Tops City’s Most Expensive Neighborhoods for Renters. Charlestown, the Seaport District, the Downtown Waterfront, and the Financial District also made the list. []


The New Northern Avenue

I had to look up to a street sign to know where I was for a moment, as I did not recognize the street. Northern […]


iPad's Big Changes for Real Estate Agents

One year in, and I can’t imagine living without my iPad. I am old enough to remember a time before fax machines. I was not […]


Boston's Empty-Nesters Say 'Adios!' to Suburbs

Young families moving out of urban neighborhoods and into the suburbs has been a predictable pattern for almost a century. Empty-nesters cashing out of their […]


The JP Whole Foods: A Whole Mess of Requests

Just in case you haven’t had enough of the brouhaha surrounding the Hi-Lo/Whole Foods debate that’s been festering in Jamaica Plain, let’s get up to […]

Arts & Entertainment

Nantucket, Barely a 'Part Time' Crowd for Rock

BOSTON — When my wife was a kid, she misheard the KISS song “Rock & Roll All Night” lyric. It famously goes, “I wanna rock […]


Philly Style … in Davis Square

Ask anyone from the Philadelphia or southern New Jersey region what they long for most from home, and a few items usually pop up. First […]


Convention Center Chronicles – Marginal Impact and Demand

What do we get? And who will come? Those are the questions that have not been properly answered despite reams of Powerpoints and consultants reports. […]


Q&A: Walter Pierce, Lexington-Based Pioneering Architect

Some years back, the architect and Lexington resident, Walter Pierce was quoted in the Boston Globe, describing Peacock Farm, a pioneering modernist neighborhood in Lexington […]