Wedding Beauty


DIY Bridal Beauty Tips

Can’t find the right makeup artist or stressing over the cost? Or, are you just a DIY-kind-of-girl? With these steps, you can achieve a beautiful […]


Best Face Forward

Life before the wedding can wreak havoc on your complexion. Here, local experts recommend last-minute fixes for three common skin-care emergencies. by Kara Baskin

wedding hairstyles

Tressed to Impress

Picking the right wedding ’do can be tricky: You need a glam style that can withstand hours of dancing, but you don’t want helmet head. We put staffer (and soon-to-be bride) Casey McNamara in the hands of four top stylists to see what looks they’d create.


Lasting Lashes

Considering going faux? Local makeup artist Dani Wagener reveals the secrets to applying fluttery — not phony-looking — fake lashes.

The Complexion Countdown

Local skin-care pros lay out a five-step plan starting a month, weeks, and days before your big day for perfectly clean, clear wedding-day skin.

Making Scents: Wedding Fragrances

Choose the wedding day fragrance that makes scents. Before choosing your big-day perfume, heed these tips from local fragrance designer Neil Morris.

Wedding Hairstyles: The Mane Dilemma

Finding the perfect wedding coiffure can be a frustrating process. Local hairstylists Timothy Robishaw and Darren Le dish on which ’dos flatter which face shapes.

Trading Faces

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s really in the hands of whoever’s wielding the lip brush. Rachel Baker asks four top makeup artists to interpret an “evening wedding” look.

nail polish

Lacquered Up

No bride would pick out shoes or jewelry on her wedding day. So why should she wait until someone orders her to “Pick a color!” to find the ideal nail hue?


Rewind The Lines

Can an hour in an aesthetician’s chair noticeably turn back the clock? Rachel Levitt tests three anti-aging facials.