Chowder Loves: Pumpkin Beer

1224533167Unlike many summer-weary Bostonians, I hate fall. Not because I dislike crisp days or the crunch of leaves underfoot, but I hate what fall signifies. Before we know it, we’ll be sliding across icy sidewalks and shut in our apartments and offices until May.

But fall does have one saving grace that keeps me from completely losing my gourd—pumpkin beer. Now that the days have grown cold and we’re talking turkey, I’m fully embracing the gourd-laced offerings while I can.

Almost all of my ALCS viewing took place in the company of friends and Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale. I like that the beer tastes a lot like pumpkin pie, but clearly I am one of the very few fans of this Portland brewery’s take.

Over dinner at the Roadhouse a couple of weeks ago, I sampled a Dogfish Punkin Ale. While it had less of the pumpkin pie spice to it, it still had the sweet flavor I like. If it hadn’t been for the huge pile of pulled pork before me, I could have had a couple of pints and called it dinner.

As the season winds down, I’m still looking for more pumpkin beers to try. The Brooklyn Brewery, one of my favorites, offers a pumpkin ale I’m eager to sample. And I’d love to hear your suggestions. Let me know soon—before long, it’ll be time for the winter brews.