Dental Experts: Client Info Form

Dental Experts is a special advertising section in the August issue of Boston magazine consisting of profiles of each advertiser. Your profile will include a professional photo, practice details, contact information, and a brief description of yourself or your practice.


June 5th: Book your photo shoot by end of day. Our photographer will photograph you in your place of business, and your coordinator will send you 3-5 unedited shots to choose from. Note: While the photographer will do basic editing to your final photo, we are unable to accommodate photoshop requests.

June 12th: Fill out this form completely and select your photo no later than the 12th. If you'd like to purchase the photo after your shoot for your personal use, you can coordinate that with the photographer directly.

June 24th: Expect to see a proof of your profile for your review no later than the 24th. Please compile edits from everyone who needs to review the profile into one, clear email. Once we receive your edits, we'll aim to send you a new proof for your review within 24 hours. Note: Since this is a formatted section, edits involving the layout and design of this page may not be possible.

June 28th: Final sign-off on your profile is due no later than end of day.

July 29th: The issue is on sale! Make sure to check out the Dental Experts section in the August issue to see your profile in print.

  • (For internal contact purposes only.)
  • (For internal contact purposes only.)
  • (For internal contact purposes only.)
  • If profiling 1-2 individuals, you may use names and letters (ex: Jane Doe, MD). If profiling a group, supply the practice name and provide names for everyone who will be pictured in the field below.
  • If profiling a group and/or practice, supply names for everyone who will be pictured.
  • 130 words max for a full-page profile

    95 words max for a half-page profile

    Please submit body copy for your profile. This can be about your specialties, anything innovative your practice is doing, your treatment philosophy, or anything else you'd like to focus on. We'll edit your copy to meet Boston Mag style guidelines—including using third person.

  • Enhanced Listing Information Needed

    Please identify the individual you would like featured in your Enhanced Listing. The following questions are optional but encouraged.
  • (To receive requests and inquiries from visitors to your profile. This email address will not be visible on your profile.)
  • (Street address, city, state, zip code)
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s important to make sure your profile stands out so website visitors have plenty of reasons to reach out to you and hire you. This is your chance to tell your story. We recommend that you complete at least four of the optional questions below.
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