Ramzi A. Sarkis DMD MSD
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Ramzi A. Sarkis DMD MSD



Lexington Endodontics has so much to celebrate this year. We have been successfully serving the greater Boston area for 6 years, Dr. Sarkis has been recently promoted to Associate Professor at Boston University, he was also inducted into the OKU dental honor society and is presiding the Massachusetts Association of Endodontists. The highly trained team at Lexington Endodontics has been committed to deliver sound treatment in a comfortable and safe environment. We work hand in hand with your dentist, and we strive to make our office the right place for your oral care and endodontic treatment.

List the treatments and procedures you offer:

Diagnosis, 3D Dental Imaging, Microscopic Root Canal Treatment, Microsurgery, Apicoectomy, Repair and Redo of Old Root Canal Treatment, and Treatment of the following conditions: Missed or Untreated Canals, Dental Abscess, Swelling, Toothache, Pulpitis, Tooth Infection, Hypersensitivity, Resorption, Cracked Tooth, Discolored Tooth, Traumatized Tooth, Fractured Tooth, and Combined Root Canal and Gums problems.

Awards or Certifications

Associate Professor in Endodontics at Boston University

Inducted into OKU dental honor society

Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry

Study Club Leader and member of the Advisory Board at Spear Education

What's your background, education and training?

Dr. Sarkis' studies in dentistry are diverse, he studied at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon then pursued post doctoral studies at the Lebanese University, the Salpetriere hospital in Paris, France, and finally Boston University were he retrained in general dentistry then specialized in endodontics. These multiple learning and teaching opportunities gave him a strong background in complex treatment planning, radiology, general dentistry, periodontology, and surgical procedures and allowed him to become the endodontist he is today.

What is your typical process for working with a new patient?

We take the time to understand the needs of our patients and those of our referring dentists. After thorough examination of the tooth in question we discuss the findings and treatment options. The purpose of this conversation is to set the doctor's and patient's expectations at the same level and make the patient feel comfortable. We also use a multitude of diagnostic techniques and equipment to provide an accurate diagnosis.

What advice would you give a patient looking to find a provider in your specialty?

Our practice is well founded in the principles of endodontics and we have consistently proven to our patients and referring Drs. that our treatment results are solid. We care about each patient and their experience with us. In a nutshell we want to be the specialists any patient would seek when a root canal problem arises.

What inspired your passion for your profession?

Being detail oriented and the ability to extend the life of the natural tooth using: knowledge, technique and technology is very compelling to me. Alleviating pain and putting people at ease while treating and preventing infection that could become life threatening, combined with my 20 years of commitment to teaching at Boston University is meaningful work to me.

What treatments are you most excited to offer?

All treatments I provide ultimately lead to extending the lifespan of a diseased tooth. It is very exciting and rewarding to see my patients few years later as they express their gratitude for the care they received at Lexington Endodontics.

What is the best reaction you’ve ever received from a patient?

It was from a patient who was about to lose her front tooth due to extensive supporting bone loss. After examination and appropriate surgical treatment she was able to keep her natural tooth. I always looked forward to see her enthusiasm and gratefulness when she came in for the multiple appointments needed to monitor the complex healing process.

What makes your practice stand apart?

We are committed to what we do and how we do it, patients and doctors appreciate our work and in return they trust our practice and that is our ultimate goal.

What should patients know about your pricing?

Our procedures are fairly priced for the high quality work and outcome patients expect from the best endodontists.

How many years have you been in business?

My experience in dentistry started in 1989 as a first year dental student. I founded Lexington Endodontics in 2012.

What do clients have to say about you?

"Root Canal on Bicuspid. I have been in Dental Sales for 37 years with 11 years selling Endodontic products. This gave me the opportunity to know scores of endodontist , visit their offices, attend courses and work with the residents in the three dental schools in Boston.

Since I know the profession, I can say that Dr Sarkis is top drawer .. in communication, and most of all ability.

I live 35 miles from his office and would gladly make the trip to his office vs going to a local office

About Front Desk: 5 star .. I was promptly given a cheerful greeting upon entering the office .. and received a call the next morning asking how I felt."


" I was impressed with the following: cutting edge technology used; sophisticated diagnostic tools and treatment skills; friendly manner; pleasant office with beautiful slide shows and relaxing music presented; pleasant, friendly staff; follow-up calls the day after the surgery. I tried to find something missing/negative there, but I could not find anything at all! I was totally satisfied, which I have never experienced at any dental offices in my entire life!Keep up with your exceptional works! Thanks for such a wonderful life experience."


" I am immensely grateful to and impressed by Dr. Sarkis and his staff. I needed emergency treatment before traveling out of town; I called in the evening, he made every effort to get back to me that evening and I was treated the next morning. After a very careful and knowledgeable examination, he concluded that a root canal was not needed; minor surgery and antibiotics was enough. Dr. Sarkis explained everything in detail and was very concerned to make the treatment as painless as possible. He prescribed painkillers to take home. Within less than 24 hours I was completely comfortable and able to fly out of town--and needed only occasional low dose ibuprofen to be completely pain free. Office service was friendly, prompt and knowledgeable. I could not ask for more.

About Front Desk: Five stars. Prompt, very knowledgeable, very friendly, Flexible in scheduling, helped with paperwork and handled all insurance work."

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Saturday once a month


Diagnosis, Microsurgery, Apicoectomy, Repair of Old Root Canal Treatment, Dental Abscess, Pain, Swelling, Toothache, Pulpitis, Tooth Infection, Hypersensitivity, Resorption, Cracked Tooth, Discolored Tooth, Traumatized Tooth, and Fractured Tooth, Endodontist, On Site 3D Imaging Technology, Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning, Safe and Comfortable Environment, Root canal treatment performed by an experienced specialist in a practice limited to endodontics