Sandra R. Makkar, DDS, ABE, FRCD(C)
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Sandra R. Makkar, DDS, ABE, FRCD(C)

Endo Inc. Root Canal Specialists North Shore



Saving your natural teeth, when possible, is your best option, and our specialty.  Endo Inc. Root Canal Specialists provides exceptional root canal and endodontic services to our patients in a caring, compassionate environment.  An experienced and professional team whose primary concern is patients’ well-being, makes our specialty group the practice of choice for endodontic care.  We are honored to receive this award two consecutive years.  We are specialists in diagnosing and treating oral pain.  Our enhanced training, combined with high levels of expertise, use of cutting-edge technology and impressive success rates are the main reasons patients and general dentists trust us to perform treatment. We use modern techniques and specialized technology that allows for accurate diagnostics, effective treatment and a comfortable experience that is virtually pain-free. We are thrilled that all our doctors in our practice received this award, and inspired to continue to put our patients first.  If you are experiencing tooth pain, extreme sensitivity, discoloration or a traumatic injury to a tooth, you may need a root canal or surgery to save that tooth.  Let us save your natural tooth and restore your smile.


Top Dentist: 2017, 2018

Special expertise

Root Canal therapy, Endodontic Retreatment, Apicoectomy, Cracked Teeth, Traumatic Injuries, Dental Implants