Can You Guess Which Massachusetts School Won the Wall Street Journal’s College Rankings?

There are 11 local schools in the top 100.

Harvard photo via AP/Charles Kroupa, Boston College photo by Alyssa Vaughn, Tufts photo by Ian Kennedy on Flickr/Creative Commons

Massachusetts graduates, prepare to flaunt your college sweatshirts. The Wall Street Journal has released its annual college ranking, and the Bay State’s schools, as usual, earned top honors—11 local schools made the top 100, and two of them top the entire list.

In the full ranking of 800+ U.S. colleges and universities, it’s Harvard and MIT that take first and second place, respectively, just as they did in last year’s list. Also gracing the top 100 are Amherst College (20), Williams College (21), Wellesley College (24), Tufts University (30), Smith College (41), Boston University (44), Boston College (59), Mount Holyoke College (61), and Northeastern University (93).

The list, a collaborative effort between the Wall Street Journal and Times Higher Education (a London-based publication covering academic and university news) is tabulated using key performance indicators in the areas of resources, engagement, outcomes, and environment, taking into account everything from a university’s student and faculty diversity data to the finances each institution has per student. The ranking also takes into account the results of a student survey that examined students’ engagement in the classroom, relationships with teachers, and overall satisfaction with their educations.

Where does your alma mater rank? Check the full ranking (which allows you to directly compare schools for ultimate bragging rights) here.