Salon Eva Michelle
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Eva Mustafai and Michelle Lee are both Best of Boston® winners and co-founders of Salon Eva Michelle, a full service, high-end salon servic-ing cuts, color, styling, and makeup for clients seeking an innovative and creative salon.

Who or what inspired you as a child to start your own business?
Michelle: My mother has owned her business in Soho, New York for almost 40 years now which has always motivated me. Eva: My grandfather was a barber in Albania and I used to hear stories as a child which inspired me to start my own business.

Why is location important to the success of your business?
Michelle and Eva: Newbury Street is the mecca of beauty and fashion in Boston. It’s our city’s 5th Avenue—there was no question where we wanted to start.

If you could give advice to other women hoping to start a business, what would it be?
Michelle: Trust yourself, take risks, and always be humble.
Eva: Have passion, follow your dreams, and stick with it.

Who was your role model growing up?
Michelle: My parents; their work ethic and determination motivates me to this day.
Eva: My mother; a strong woman who always taught me to love, work hard, and be independent.

Did you always want to start your own business?
Michelle & Eva: Yes, maybe not knowing exactly what, but owning something that was our own. That is what brought us together.

Who do you consider your mentor?
Michelle & Eva: All the Educators we’ve learned from over the years. We’re committed to continuing education for ourselves, our staff, and to pay it forward.


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