The Debut of Bostonista

1196700505Welcome to Bostonista, where we’ll be bringing you daily style news (if not always stylish news, like, say, how I was completely unprepared for this weather and now I’ve got a pair of wet Uggs soaking the carpet beneath my desk, an admission many would take as evidence I’ve got the wrong job. But whatever—they’re just boots).

We’ll discuss when to say no to a trend (more than you might think), how much is too much to pay for a haircut, and how to look decent at work when the weather gets like this. We’ll report on new stores, uncover the city’s best sales (and how to get the best deals at them), and help you find just about anything, from eco-friendly bedding to the perfect pair of black flats to the best running watch to a shower curtain decorated with hunks of meat (or, um, not).

We’ll let you in on industry news, local gossip, party reports, fashion week happenings, and just generally anything we’re thinking/talking/obsessing about.

We hope you’ll check back daily, and that you’ll let us know what you think, and what you’d like to see. Stay dry (and, if you can, Ugg free).