Night Lines: Best of Boston Beauty with a Dash of Bling

1196875620For last night’s Best of Boston Beauty event, Boston‘s marketing team asked me to emcee a little fashion show on fun/festive/holiday dresses in the “Bebe Style Lounge.” Sure? Why not? Naturally, that meant I, too, would be donning Bebe for the evening. And while I wouldn’t describe myself as a Bebe girl (I can’t say I’ve ever worn so much plastic pizzazz), as you can see, the dress itself was certainly a party.

But before heading to the primped-out soiree at Brookline’s Veronique, my fellow Bostonistas and I hit up PR queen Jan Saragoni’s Shreve Crump and Low bash. Among the cases of ice, the InterContinental’s Tim Kirwan lamented the departure of bombshell publicist Erin Tracy to New York (We’ll miss you too, Erin!), and then we made out with PR riot Chris Haynes! OK, just kidding; we didn’t make out with Chris Haynes.

As our parting gift, Shreve owner David Walker asked if we wanted to see his vault, which sounds more risqué than it really was. Blinded by the glare of his $4 million blue diamond, we said our goodbyes and headed to Brookline.

1196875537At Veronique, the best beautifiers in town were out in full force. Armed with hot tools and Kerastase products, best colorist winner Jeffrey Lyle and his delicious assistant George provided touch-ups to party goers. Fringe, said lock-master Lyle, was the trend of the night. “I’ve banged everyone here!” he joked.

Also on the floor were LuxLash’s Suzanne Cats (That’s two nights in a row, Suz! Lucky us!), wild and crazy masseur Michael Moore, Shu Uemura’s chic makeup artist Dani Wagener, and the Loft‘s fabulous Michael Albor, among others.

1196875415Up at the Bebe lounge, the fashion presentation breezed by, with the help of some audience participation (special thanks to Kate Brier for reminding me that mink is the wrap of choice this season!). And after a couple of ravioli and sips of champagne, we called it a night– code for heading to Franklin Café for late-night steak frites and Blue Moon– while visions of blue diamonds danced in our heads.