Holiday Relief, Hotel-Marketing Style

1197063344The weekend’s finally here…along with a crushing wave of “how the hell did it become mid-December?” panic (and, likely, a hacking cough lovingly passed along by your co-worker). Don’t worry: The marketing people at area hotels know you’re a huge mess, and they’re here to take care of you. Here’s a sampling of their stress-and sickness-obliterating packages.

Hotel Providence’s “Germaphobe’s Dream” package We realize the whole antibacterial trend turned out to be a pretty bad idea. But our urge to disinfect returns with a vengeance right around now, which is why we’re loving this inventive deal: $375 gets you a room stocked with Purell, Airborne, chicken noodle soup, and a magical germ-eradicating wand. (Just be sure to fire it up before you get anywhere near the bedspread…)

Westin Copley Place’s “Stay and Play” package Management consultants, take note: This is, hands down, the most ruthlessly efficient option out there. Spend the weekend in the city’s shopping epicenter, smack in the middle of Copley Place and the Pru, and receive a $50 gift card to jump start your purchases. For $359 a night, you’ll also get complimentary valet parking and—if you can spare a precious hour—lunch for two at Turner Fisheries.

Nine Zero’s “Hectic Holiday Relief” package For those paragons of mental health who have already surrendered unrealistic seasonal goals and simply want to enjoy the holiday spirit, Nine Zero takes relaxation to an unprecedented level. Spend the weekend skating on Frog Pond, hanging out at Exhale Spa, enjoying an in-room massage for two, dining at KO Prime, and smiling pityingly at those harried shoppers rushing by. (Your credit card statement, however, will probably ruin your Zen: The package starts at $1199.)

PHOTO Courtesy of Nine Zero