Bostonista Writes Back: Black & Blue

1197564402Style-strapped locals often look to Bostonista for advice on a wide range of topics, such as what to wear, how to decorate, and which area hotel to visit for an afternoon tryst (seriously).

This week Trish* wrote:

Could navy be the new black in our house? I have many shades of blue and don’t really want black.

First of all, Trish, Bostonista has never been to your house—at least not yet, though she’s always up for a soiree!—so it’s impossible to give tailor-made response to your particular color quandary.

What we can offer you is the general assurance that navy is no longer just for flight attendants and school girls. And though we’re loathe to call anything “the new black” (black will always be the new black—live with it!), navy and other shades of blue have emerged as fabulous alternatives to the non-color. It is chic to sub in navy for black, it’s even chicer to mix the two shadowy hues in one ensemble; or in Trish’s case, in one (party-throwing?) home!

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*Name changed to protect the fashion victim.