Alpha Mail: AO Issues a Statement

1198089206Late yesterday afternoon, Bostonista obtained a copy of a memo addressed to ‘The Alpha Omega Team,’ dated December 19 and issued by Robert A. Joy, the Human Resource Director for the company. (Joy hasn’t returned our call seeking comment).

The memo, after the jump:
“Raman has asked me to communicate to you that last week he had taken ill and has traveled to India to seek medical attention and convalesce. We anticipate a quick recovery where upon he will return to operate the day-to-day functions of Alpha Omega Jewelers. He is in daily contact with the corporate office and the managers. During this brief period, please operate in your normal fashion.”

We don’t know about you, but we have a hard enough time operating in a “normal fashion” when our boss takes off for the chacarero place in Downtown Crossing without telling us. And that’s just across town.

Also: Fellow Bostonista and doyenne Rachel Baker reports that as of this morning, Nidhi Handa’s profile page and photo have mysteriously, and suddenly, vanished from the friend/networking site. For all those who have expressed concern about the family dog, we hear he is safe with friends of the family.

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