Update: Alpha Omega Goes Dark

Phoning in from the Pru, gymrat71 reports that the lights are out at the Alpha Omega outpost there. Calls to stores in Burlington and Harvard Square went unanswered. At the brand-new Natick Collection boutique, voice mail told us it was no longer accepting messages. Handa’s own cell phone is live, but no one picks up.

We’ve also learned a little more about Handa’s financial situation.

According to the Mass. Land records for Middlesex County South/Lexington, Handa took out a mortgage for an undisclosed sum on his Lexington home on November 16, 2007—just barely over a month ago. That’s on top of two existing mortgages Handa already had in place totaling a heady $2.3 million. According to the Lexington Town Tax Assessor, that amount exceeds the house’s actual value, currently set at $2.02 million.


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