Buddha Backlash: Local Green Troupe Chastises PR Diva

1198247903Just moments after Pete the Boston mag mailroom guy dropped off today’s mail at our desks—and before we had time to actually open any of it—we and other members of the Boston media received this email from an anonymous aol address, with no traceable IP address:

Boston foodies are in a frenzy over Marlo Fogelman and her bad judgment of sending out (via snail mail) what amounts to be a pile of trash for one piece of dark chocolate. Those unfortunate enough to be on Marlo’s holiday list received a large cardboard shipping box, sealed with a large sticker. People then opened the box and had to dig through a ton of packing paper only to find yet on other BOX and wrapping to find a small piece of dark chocolate. Apparently Marlo was living in a cave this past year when the rest of us looked at the environment and tried to be as green as possible. This is just a sad example of how people do not think things through.


Boston’s Green Team

At first, we weren’t sure what to make of it. Was the “Green Team” being an irrational Grinch? Or an earth-friendly watchdog that should be commended? Then, we began receiving emails speculating who was behind the Marlo-hating tirade. A vengeful ex-employee? (Likely.) A PR competitor who lost out on the Morton’s account? (Unlikely. Aren’t all recycling enthusiasts vegetarians? Aha! Maybe that’s why the don’t like her!)

But finally we decided to (temporarily) halt our rumor-mongering and—wait for it— RECYCLE!!!

After collecting the packaging received by three Boston Magazine Recycling Team officers—just a fraction of the Buddha gifts received at 300 Mass. Ave— we designed and erected this decorative Buddhist temple. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Now, a challenge for you readers. Send a picture of your creatively recycled Marlo-wrappings to fashion@bostonmagazine.com.

We’ll post the top reincarnations, and the best will receive a very fancy (and unopened!) prize from our graft closet: Classic Pumpkin Pie in a Jar.