Blogging Project Runway: This Used to Be My Childhood Dream

1200070250SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen Episode 6 of Project Runway, Season 4, you might want to stop reading now.

Gentle readers, Bostonista once again found herself coming home late Wednesday night from a tough week at the magazine, but the promise of taffeta and organza made us wake up, reapply the mascara, and pay attention.

For this episode, the designers were charged with creating a dream prom dress for several teen girls from New Jersey. The girls themselves were in charge of choosing their designers after reviewing designers’ portfolios ahead of time. To our delight, throughout the episode, the geniuses at Bravo brought us funny prom photos from each designer (hello, Kit with brown hair!) Also hilarious was Chris‘s portfolio, made up mainly of photos of himself in crazy viking drag outfits. Luckily, his client was très avant-garde, and didn’t seem fazed whatsoever.

A surprisingly calm workroom sewed along this week, each designer starting with an initial consult with his or her teen, and having a fitting the next day. Most worked quietly, minding their own—with the exception of the incorrigible Christian, who could not stop the belly-aching about his admittedly-irritating client (we’ve seen worse!). Ricky cried, per usual.

We won’t lie, we were a little disappointed. The good people at Project Runway combined two powerhouses of humor—the prom and New Jersey. But in the end, the designers brought us “pretty” or “yawn”—not the “please stop—my eyes are burning!” hilarity we were hoping for.

As the judges noted, the dresses all ended up looking like a socialite’s wardrobe. Still, we agreed with the final choices (nice work, Victorya, though if we were to choose for ourselves, we would be calling Rami for our grown-up prom wardrobe). Kevin was sent home due to his boring red dress, hopefully having at last proven his heterosexuality after mentioning it in what seemed like every testimonial he uttered during this season. We get it, Kevin!

Stay tuned for next week—let’s hope it’s something more striking!

Project Runway plays on the Bravo network at 10 p.m. Wednesday evenings.