Melt Spa Gets Swank-y

1200500769Reasons Bostonista hearts Hilary Swank: Her Next Karate Kid totally could have kicked Daniel-San’s waxy ass. Her single mom turned Peach Pit charity case on the best 16 episodes of 90210‘s eighth season was wayyyy too complicated for frat-tastic bonehead Steve Sanders. And her toenails are painted Mrs. O’Leary’s Barbecue! And they got that way here in Boston!!

The two-time Oscar winner had her tootsies trimmed with that “deliciously saucy shade of molasses” this weekend at Newbury Street day spa Melt.

Fresh off the publicity tour for chick-flick P.S. I Love You, Swank arrived at the beauty shop with former agent/current beau John Campisi Saturday afternoon.

Pleased-as-punch owner Melanie Tringali and her staff greeted the couple, who had booked dueling 80-minute massages, but were careful not to call too much attention to the star.

“I made it clear to everyone that they were not to ask questions, that they were to make her feel comfortable,” enthuses a still-starstruck Tringali, over the phone. “We had the W magazine with her on the cover out on the table, but we put it underneath a bunch of other magazines. I could’ve taken it out and had her sign it, but I chose not to. And I think that’s what she appreciated.”

Waiting for Campisi’s rub-down to wrap up, the short-haired Swank chatted with fellow customers while indulging in a pedicure. And though they were sure not to make a fuss, Swank did get the star treatment: A Melt staffer fetched her a brand-new pair of pedi-ready flip-flops from Aldo down the block. Then Tringali and crew escorted her out the back way—Hollywood style!—before sending them down to Stephanie’s for a late lunch.

“She’s just a regular person. Just totally down to earth,” Tringali beams. “And she says she’s going to come in when she comes back to Boston next month!”

Melt, 172 Newbury St., Boston, 617-262-1116,