Blogging Project Runway: Everyday is Dress-up Day

1200609990SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen episode 8 of Project Runway, Season 4, you might want to stop reading now.

Bostonista attended a sneak peek of the teleportation movie Jumper last night at MIT, and in the rare moments we were neither drooling over Hayden Christensen (present, along with the director Josh Liman and two well-spoken MIT professors who explained the science of teleportation) nor laughing hard at the science jokes, we checked out the fashion choices of the MIT students.

Turns out there is a high variability, from quite fashion-forward (think Diana from Project Runwayseason 2, naturally) to a bunch who came wearing Darth Vader masks. Thusly inspired, Bostonista headed home to watch the new episode of our favorite show (reduced to snagging a ride from a friend, as the professors weren’t able to bring us a safe model for teleportation. Yet.)

This week, a delight for the avant-garde and more-than-mildly-ridiculous ruled the runway, and that’s just as Bostonista likes it. After choosing their models, the designers were split up into teams of two and tasked with creating an avant-garde look using the models’ large and in-charge hairstyles as inspiration.

We cheered for Chris, who has become one of our favorites for his sweet personality and history of over-the-top design. A challenge seemingly designed specifically for him, we hoped that he’d pull out all the stops.

Bostonista decided this pressure-filled challenge of wits, will, and time management was perfect for creating true greatness. Which is why we were shocked when Tim asked everyone to “caucus” (our favorite “gather round the sewing table” invite) and announced that designers would be issued a second challenge, to create a ready-to-wear outfit to go along with the avant-garde look. Yikes!

This new direction sent Rami‘s already-burgeoning bad mood into overdrive (we’d hate him for being mean to teammate Sweet P, but the problem is that we want to pull his dresses off the models and wear them immediately), and brought Jillian to the whiny point. We were stressed. Then Christian did a catwalk. We laughed.

The lovely Alberta Ferretti was on hand as guest judge. We wanted to scream to Rami and Sweet P through the TV — “why??” — regarding the addition of pants to the team’s outfit; we were just puzzled by the completion of Kit and Ricky‘s dress, wondering why the ready-to-wear dress was so plain and unaccessorized.

The judges’ assessment of the winner turned out as it should, with Christian and Chris walking away with the prize (though, Christian, don’t you think your ready-to-wear turned out a little too similar to your outfit from the “What’s the Skinny” challenge?).

Victorya‘s and Jillian’s coat was similarly wonderful, though as with Rami, we wondered about the clothes underneath. Why not go with some delightful but simple separates? In the end, Kit was sent home, having duked it out with Rami in the bottom two.

Our read: In addition to the strength of his outfit over Kit’s, Rami’s performance overall has been stronger, and the judges weren’t ready to let go of him yet.

See you next week, PR fans! Stay soigné à la Michael Kors!

Project Runway airs on the Bravo network at 10 p.m. Wednesday evenings.