Night Lines: Museum Moments

1200682642 Okay, so there wasn’t a lot of food, but the 500-odd partygoers didn’t let that ruin their good time at the ICA on Tuesday night. The occasion was our first ever Best of Boston Home issue (shameless plug), and the guests were winners, losers, and anyone else wearing architect-y looking glasses.

Welcoming this ultra-hip crowd was the eclectic acid-surf band, The Weisstronauts, who played two sets in front of the ICA’s latest art-wall project, created by Dave Muller, looking at the evolution of rock n’ roll. (Well, that’s how the website explains it, anyway.)

Though the galleries were closed (we couldn’t afford the security guards, and they knew at least one of our esteemed guests would try to rip off that 10-ton Louise Bourgeois spider), there was still plenty to look at, including a multi-media trip through the pages of the magazine and an ice-sculpture bar shaped like a brick fireplace, complete with a faux “dancing flame.”

Heard throughout the evening were comments such as, “I can’t believe this is Boston!” and, “Where’s the food?”

Also heard were, “You look fabulous!” usually followed by, “Cool place. Ever been here before?” Oddly, many people in the design community had yet to check out the ICA prior to this evening. (Yes, you do have to pay to get in.) If you build it, they might come, but sometimes it takes a party and free booze to get them there.

1200682709Perhaps most surprising was the dearth of black clothing. There were plaids, burgundies, browns, and blues, but not a lot of that other color that used to be required at events like these. When asked about the lack of noir, recent New York-transplanted photographer Michael Piazza said, “Happy is the new black.”