The Latest in Destination Funerals

1200432313While we here at Bostonista appreciate innovation in all areas of commerce, the one thing we never expected to evolve is what happens to our fabulous remains once we’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. We figured our options were to be cremated and sprinkled at some favorite spot or to be buried in our favorite outfits. But for those who can’t tolerate the idea of a pedestrian afterlife, there’s something new for you.

The Silvertooth Memorial Reef.

Great Burial Reef, Inc. is a company based in Florida that develops artificial reefs to serve as the final resting place for your loved ones. The company is constructing its charter reef 1.8 miles west of Lido Key in Naples, Florida and will place its first client in March.

For the price of the burial, the company sinks your cremated remains to the bottom of the ocean in an urn as up to 17 of your family members watch from a boat. After the ceremony, your loved ones will get the GPS coordinates of your remains and a picture of your reef and its memorial plaque. The company will also help you arrange airfare and military honors if you need them. (Hopefully the 21-gun salute happens on a day with calm seas.)

It sounds completely insane at first, but the more we think about it, the more we like it. No punks will come by and topple our gravestones. We’ll have an eternal reprieve from the frost and thaw of New England. And we’ll be helping those little reef-dwelling creatures find a home. Guess we’ll start wearing our favorite outfits more often since we won’t need them when we’re dead.

Burial on Silvertooth Memorial Reef is $9,800 for a couple and $7,500 for an individual burial. 941-750-0617,