Blogging Project Runway: Indigo Girls

1201270079SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched episode 9 of Project Runway, Season 4, you might want to stop reading now.

This Bostonista reporter took the day off yesterday (and uncovered this blog, rejoice!), so was well-rested for watching the show last night. A pre-show flash of scenes hinted that the challenge was denim. Turns out it involved yet another mad 3-minute dash for outfit parts—a somewhat tired charade—but the challenge was nonetheless satisfying, with designers asked to use pairs of Levi’s jeans to create a modernized version of the iconic 501.

This was the week that the kids started to unravel at the edges: Chris began a dialogue with his emerging garment; Jillian nearly broke down after pricking herself on her sewing machine. Christian pranced about, complaining and disdaining, much to the chagrin of the others. The boy’s got talent, but it’s enough to drive you crazy, isn’t it?!

The designers’ harried expressions were no exaggeration. Even the well-organized Rami resorted to glue in the last moments (we learned long ago that glue tends to spell disaster), and Jillian flitted about up to and past the final minute of prep time. In this harried environment, we heard Tim‘s mantra “make it work” over and over—we didn’t keep count, but we’re sure he’s surpassed his usual seasonal quota.

It’s been a long time since Bostonista has rocked a denim dress [Ed note: Speak for yourself!], but we liked the directions the contestants chose. And so it was hard to choose a favorite. We liked Sweet P‘s ’70s colorblock dress, and Rami’s combination of pleats and zipper details. Michael went gaga over the Amy Winehouse-like ensemble created by Ricky, who true to form, fulfilled his allotment of one moment of tears per episode.

How surprising for Bostonista when he did not collapse on the runway in sheer surprise after his win! It was also surprising to see talents Jillian and Victorya on the chopping block—we had expected both would make it to the final 3! In the end, Victorya went home. It wouldn’t have been Bostonista‘s choice, but then again, we wouldn’t have given Ricky the win, either.

See you next week, Project Runway fans! Make it work!

Project Runway airs on the Bravo network at 10 p.m. Wednesday evenings.