Dispatches: Behind the Scenes at Spring Fashion

1201539598Fashion shoots are always highly collaborative endeavors, but this season we really outdid ourselves with a combined crew of nearly 50, which included photographers, stylists, models, producers, hair and makeup, assistants, interns, videographers, a 20-man rock band, and a Chow mix named Mabel.

RV driver Joe Diamond powered our movable wardrobe through the very un-spring-like streets of Boston and beyond yesterday, where we began the 15-hour workday at the Junction Deli on Exchange Street in Lynn.

Over the course of the early afternoon, proprietors Charlie and Dottie Christopolous fueled our hungry bunch with more than 60 pancakes, 8 dozen eggs, some doughnuts, a truly disturbing amount of bacon, and, likely, all the cheese in Lynn. We’re here to say: Models do eat. So do interns.

12015396241. Equal opportunity makeup: Nick from Bang Camaro gets pretty at the Junction Deli in Lynn.


2. Alex from Bang Camaro gets his hair done.


3. Look how fun it is to be an intern at Boston magazine!

More tomorrow from Day 2, and be sure to catch the product of our labor in the March issue of Boston.