Dispatches: Spring Fashion, Day 2

1201623745Although we here at Bostonista fancy ourselves rock stars, it doesn’t take much to blow our cover. Day 2 of our spring fashion shoot began as crew members dragged themselves to location, the post-30 year olds among us clinging desperately to our coffee and issuing the typical second day complaints: Why is it so cold in here? When can we start already?

But it only took a few hydrangeas and creative hairdressing to get us in the mood for fashion. Women’s stylist J. Sybylla Smith had spent her morning gathering inspiration and props from her neighborhood florist, which hairstylist Michael Albor of the Loft Salon + Day Spa worked into model Corey‘s dramatic look.

1201623805This time, when the band arrived, they proceeded directly to hair and makeup like the well-trained models they are (just yesterday, boys wearing foundation was a big ol’ joke among the band; today it was, “Do you think my nose is still a bit shiny, Bree“?).

Men’s stylist Rachel Baker assembled the guys’ looks to little complaint. Except, of course, that one from Bang Camaro’s Nick, who still wondered why his two piece white denim suit didn’t make the cut. Next time, Nick. We pinky promise we’ll work it in.

1201623849Thanks to all the friends, family, and fans who came out to the Paradise to take part in the shoot. Be sure to catch the spread in the March issue of Boston.


1. Graeme asks for more blush, please [Update: It’s Bryn asking for more blush. Not Graeme. Bostonista regrets the error. Men in makeup all look the same to us!]

2. Setting up for a shot.