Dispatches: Spring Fashion, Postmortem Rock Show

1201722009After two long days of rocking designer duds for the camera, Bang Camaro were eager to show off their newly polished fashion sense last night in a private show at the Middle East Downstairs. Like a proud Tim Gunn at a Project Runway finale, Bostonista approached the Central Square venue with high hopes and, regretfully, without earplugs.

Both in fashion and rock badassery, the boys did not disappoint. Before band cofounder Alex changed into his tougher stage garb, we spotted him wearing a surprisingly demure striped pull-over, with his usually flowing locks tamed in a ponytail. Fashion is all about experimenting, Alex! Way to go!

1201722066Nate—the Camaro most versed in designer lingo—sported a casual layered t-shirt look, while axe-man Maclaine wore his signature red tee but with a new, more fashion-forward attitude.

And while we expected to see Nick in his white New Jersey tuxedo, he played it safe in a GStar zip-up and jeans. Morgan topped off his (low rise! boot cut!) denim with classic black cotton, as did Rodrigo, who desperately longed for yesterday’s Balenciaga. And Bryn and Graeme covered their noggins with postman-inspired caps. Very 2008.

1201722110Good luck on tour, boys! And remember: It’s not just about what you wear, it’s about how you wear it.