Blogging Project Runway: Interview with Steven Rosengard

1201883269Project Runway is on hiatus this week, and that’s usually enough to make Bostonista leave the house in sweats. But as luck would have it, current season contestant Steven Rosengard came to us in person instead! We caught up with the gracious designer Wednesday night at the Museum of Science’s Seamless computational couture event, which he emceed.

He is taller than Bostonista expected, but the mannerisms and facial expressions are just as we remembered. “Who are you wearing tonight, Steven?” we asked, hearts aflutter. Obviously, Steven has great taste. His custom suit was from Andrea Vangna, he told us, pointing out the “unnecessary” but “delightful” pocket he’d requested in the jacket.

Bostonista watched intently as Steven introduced each piece in the show. We particularly liked his Tim Gunn impression, asking a model to “make it work!” as she pressed a lever on her peacock-accented gown. It’s clear that an appearance on Project Runway does not a perfect emcee make, but Bostonista enjoyed his genuine enthusiasm.

During the show, Steven made reference to the politeness he experienced in Boston, and as Bostonista caught up with him later (some say overkill, we say love), we asked if he’d been recognized. “Just once, and it was great!” he exclaimed, saying that one fan had first done a double-take, then returned to say sweetly, “You’re on Project Runway! You are just wonderful!”

Steven — who was recently promoted from his Textile Preparator to Assistant Curator at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry — advised budding designers in the crowd to be prepared for the ups and downs that accompany a career in fashion. We couldn’t resist asking Steven for his pick for the winner this season, but he begged out: Bravo’s got him sworn to secrecy. He would admit that his personal favorite was in the top three and that he’ll make an appearance in the season finale (we can’t wait!)

See you next week, Project Runway fans! Stay fierce!

Project Runway airs on the Bravo network at 10 p.m Wednesday evenings.