Dispatches from New York Fashion Week: Bunnies and Goodies

“DONNA KARAN IS A BUNNY BUTCHER,” read one protester’s sign in front of DKNY’s West Village show location. Fashion Week Mom (FWM), clad head-to-toe in Italian fur, spied the poster from down the street, and took this as her cue to make the block and meet Bostonista afterward. A 10-minute, standing-room-only show was simply just not worth risking a meeting between her new designer parka and a can of red paint.

Inside, the parade was set up around a square raised runway that made the models’ already endless legs, most of them covered in gray tights, look almost alien-ly infinite from the peanut gallery. The clothes were wearable but some seemed to be taking us in fashion retrograde. While the boho babydoll look will always hold a special place in our heart, it felt like a flashback to the way everyone was dressing a couple of years ago when they first discovered that Sienna Miller was the coolest girl in the universe and that she shopped at flea markets! The berets, however, were fabulous and fresh.

Tracy Reese also got into the French topper thing for her fall collection, but instead of traditional berets, her models donned beret-headband hybrids with almost every outfit. Under them, the models looked sleepy, and so did the crowd.

The celebrity turnout was underwhelming, and the event staffer who sat down next to us into her headset bemoaned this news into her headset. Among the only celebs in attendance for this round were Miss USA and (obviously) Nigel Barker, who got in FWM’s way this time and was nearly trampled on the way to our seats.

Because underneath those seats, finally, sat goodie bags. And nothing gives a second wind to a FWM who’s recently had to protect herself from the wrath of PETA like a good old-fashioned goodie bag. The contents: makeup tools, a hair brush, and some heinous lipstick. But as FWM always taught us growing up, it’s the thought that counts. And though we’ll type it here, “Thanks for the schwag, Tracy!”, you better believe Ms. Reese will be receiving a hand-written card of gratitude from FWM. Really.