Dispatches from New York Fashion Week: We Love Football! Er, Fashion

Most times, Bostonista appreciates when show organizers bother to personalize the seats with our name and provenance, but this weekend, we would have preferred to have kept our affiliations to ourselves.

There was the guy who gave us the once-over, twice, as we sat down at Sari Gueron. He was wearing a somewhat horrifying salmon-colored beret. The two of us sat for a moment in silence, after which our neighbor turned and said: “Go Pats!”

Was he mocking us? We couldn’t tell. We gave him a weak little thumbs up and pretended to get a text on our phone. As the show commenced—a melange of pretty and delicate, lace and florals, tiny cardigans and lots of tulle; anyway, hardly the sort of stuff that makes you want to scream Go Pats! — he leaned in and said, “Go Pats! Hey—you see Gisele around town?” We’re not even kidding.

Earlier, at Alexander Wang, there was the skinny kid with spiky hair who greeted us with, “We loooove Tom Brady!” There, the clothes were tough, sexy, and grungy like our freshman year of college (oversized sweaters and big-ass leather jackets = love). Any designer who wraps his show with a little GNR — Bostonista lives for Axl (yes, still) — earns our applause. And that of the Brady fan next to us, too.

This afternoon’s Diane von Furstenburg show, just hours before kick-off, was as packed as ever; Anna Wintour and Susan Sarandon must have others buying their beer for them. Poor, British Jonathan Saunders, scheduling his New York FW debut at 6 p.m. We’d have loved to catch the show — his dresses are among those we eye most covetously at Louis Boston — but we had some wings to eat (that’s just an expression, of course. Bostonista doesn’t eat wings).

Tune in tomorrow for selected dispatches from Carolina Herrera, Thakoon, Teen Vogue darling Chris Benz, Ports 1961, Proenza Schouler, and to see whether the results of tonight’s game help or hurt our chances of crashing tomorrow night’s Chloe Sevigny party.